The personalisation maturity curve: Where are you on your journey?

Personalisation has been much talked-about over recent years. But many companies are caught up in the complexity and scale of the transformation needed to make it happen.

In this whitepaper, personalisation platform provider Boxever explores how the Personalisation Maturity Curve will help you:

  • Work out where you are on your journey
  • Identify steps to take to improve
  • Understand how your personalisation measures up; are you an experimenter, challenger, or a leader?

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How to deliver individual experiences – to achieve incredible results

Consumers demand personalised experiences in all aspects of our daily lives. So do marketers – according to a recent survey 98% agreed personalisation improved customer relationships.

But it can be a challenge when relying on systems and data that are disjoined and inefficient.

This eBook from SiteCore explores the challenges of personalisation, the dangers of getting things wrong, and how SiteCore and Salesforce are working together to deliver a truly integrated, best of breed solution.

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What you need to look for in mobile marketing automation

The cost in building a mobile app, and the cost in building up an installed user base, is not insignificant. But what happens after that? All too often, the answer is that those users stop using the app.

It's ultimately why so many mobile businesses fail: a lot of investment, and no return. Mobile marketing automation is a response to that challlenge - a set of techniques and tactics that engage mobile users, deliver value and content to them, and optimise their experience through personalisation in order to keep them engaged, retained and, best of all, profitable.

This whitepaper from Swrve examines those techniques and sets out a path to make sure you can do mobile marketing automation with confidence.


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