What you need to look for in mobile marketing automation

The cost in building a mobile app, and the cost in building up an installed user base, is not insignificant. But what happens after that? All too often, the answer is that those users stop using the app.

It's ultimately why so many mobile businesses fail: a lot of investment, and no return. Mobile marketing automation is a response to that challlenge - a set of techniques and tactics that engage mobile users, deliver value and content to them, and optimise their experience through personalisation in order to keep them engaged, retained and, best of all, profitable.

This whitepaper from Swrve examines those techniques and sets out a path to make sure you can do mobile marketing automation with confidence.


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The top 7 B2B marketing trends to prioritise

B2B marketing is undergoing seismic transformation. With a focus on attracting and engaging a better target audience, tactics, tools and strategies are evolving that underscore the need for better data, better customer experience, and better marketing attribution. The line between B2B and B2C has blurred; campaigns must be humanised to target people, not organisations. Several trends have emerged that centre around these three core needs - and this free download from Jebbit sheds light on the key B2B marketing trends you need to prioritise.

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Calculating ROI on mobile marketing spend

If you're a consumer-facing business of any size, you've probably got a mobile app. You may examine how well it functions, and how many new or existing customers download it every day - but if that's as far as your interest goes, your mobile app strategy - or rather, your lack of one - is almost certainly killing your business.

This short document takes a look at those numbers and suggests some ways to quantify and change them for actionable return on investment.

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