Transforming Passive Audiences into Engaged Consumers with Interactive Video

The e-commerce experience is changing. Both B2B and B2C brands are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the noise and find effective ways to communicate, inform and guide consumers purchasing decisions. Video has always been a tool leveraged by savvy marketers to bring products to life, but the next generation of video marketing goes beyond this.

Imagine being able to serve consumers a gamified approach that puts the power in their hands to interact with videos beyond just a viewing experience. All while delivering unrivalled analytics around sentiment and engagement that allow brands to optimise across, not only their video content, but the entirety of their marketing channels and messaging. Join Brightcove’s Product Manager for Interactivity, Patrick Farley, as he delves into the use cases for video interactivity and shares his first-hand experience of how industry-leading brands are already leveraging these impressive features that herald the new frontier of brand video content.

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