On-demand Webinar: How has the global pandemic changed the influencer landscape – key trends that will shape influencer marketing post-COVID 19

This webinar will explore how during the global pandemic, content consumption behaviour has shifted significantly due to people are adapting to a new lifestyle.

Consumers are being more careful than ever, choosing who they listen to and where they shop. Influencer marketing provides brands with the opportunity to reach and engage audiences in ways which are meaningful and relevant to them and also building up a brand’s position as we start to enter a new phase.

So what does the future hold for influencers and how they will they help brands navigate the upcoming exogenous recession?

Joining this live session you will learn:

Digital content consumption behaviour change during the pandemic
Key trends & insights related to social media behaviour
How COVID-19 is impacting influencer marketing globally
What do brands need to prepare for 2021 influencer marketing

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