Delivering ROI with style: How Happy Socks leverages creative and insights to propel social media success

In this exclusive session we will explore:

  • Discover how using social media helped Happy Socks overcome challenges, and maximising opportunities to strategically inform and plan impactful campaigns.
  • Explore why it is important for brands to make meaningful connections with their audiences in the crowded social eco-system.
  • Discuss how social performance tools can truly help brands stay competitive, relevant, and ultimately save them time while making a bigger impact.

Three reasons to watch:

  • Learn how implementing a video-first strategy can help you stay competitive, as well as how its performance can be measured and optimised.
  • Discover how Happy Socks are using social media to engage with customers on a more personal level, and why this is so important in today’s social world.
  • Understand how analysing and measuring the performance of your social media content can help you make better decisions.

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