#DMWF Europe: On-demand webinar – Maximize your product launch impact with a compelling, data-driven content strategy

Product launches fail for a variety of reasons – for example, you’re targeting the wrong market, there’s zero hype, or you’re trying to fix a problem consumers simply don’t have.

In this talk, you’ll learn best practices for helping to guarantee the success of your product launches with a smart, research-led content strategy.

Ben Schaefer, Research Consultant at digital consumer intelligence company Brandwatch, will show you how to conduct meaningful consumer, competitor, and market analysis that ensures your product team-best places your products in the market.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze which competitors “do it best” and what “best” looks like
  • Deliver an effective pre-launch strategy
  • Leverage influencers you may have missed
    Understand the pros and cons of spaced or burst content rollouts
    Deliver an effective post-launch strategy that sustains the interest of your target audiences
    Establish KPIs that inform your future product launch content strategies

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