#DMWF Europe: On-demand webinar – A new framework for quantifying customer satisfaction

Data and tech have become the new buzzwords, but the challenge comes in understanding the information. To realize the true potential, companies need to successfully navigate these means to identify customers’ true needs and strategically translate these needs into actions.

Join NetBase Quid and Lufthansa Innovation Hub to discover an unconventional approach for contextualizing data with a sentiment and text-mining analysis. We will present a framework and illustrate how we use it to draw insights at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub with a Customer Satisfaction Case Study.

After the session, you will understand:

  • How to objectively quantify customer reviews and feedback
  • How to identify biggest pain & gain points using sentiment analysis & text-mining
  • How to translate the insights into a strategic product or service roadmap

Please also download the speaker Q&A

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