#DMWF Europe: On-demand webinar – Brand Chaos to Strategy: The Tools and Tactics of Realigning Your Brand to a Post-COVID World

What one word sums up 2020? Chaos.

From the pandemic and reeling economies to remote work and virtual education, to civil strife and political mayhem, chaos is everywhere.

That is why CMOs ranked brand strategy as their #1 priority in a post-COVID survey. When everything is in flux, a brand must hit the reset button and align itself to new realities. Jake Athey, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Widen, will explore the journey of realignment through the lens of people, process, and technology. He will show how inward brand strategy shapes outward perceptions by changing the way marketers plan, create, manage, publish, and analyze content. He will discuss tools, tactics, and real-life examples to help marketers rediscover order in the chaos. 

Join this session to learn:

  • Overviewing event and business trends that have made brand strategy the top priority amongst CMOs.
  • Define what brand strategy is, what purpose it fulfills, how it manifests in people, process, and technology, and why it can reflect societal chaos.
  • Illustrate how brands incorporate brand strategy into the planning, creation, management, publishing, and analysis of content to bring order to the chaos. 
  • What is next and how real-life companies have revamped their brand strategy since the beginning of COVID.

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