What tech has revolutionised online casino the most? 

Online casino has enjoyed a stellar rise over the past few years as it continues to ride the wave of advancing technology and software. The introduction of new and improved tech has changed society and is driving us rapidly into a more digital future. The online realm is a space that is becoming more congested with industries and companies trying to effectively implement new tech innovations into their daily operations and many like the online casino industry are benefiting from new...

Marketing industry urged to reduce ‘alarming’ digital waste levels

Investis Digital (iDX) – a global digital company focused on performance-driven, data-driven solutions – has released the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on the financial and environmental waste caused by companies’ investments in technology and software, and duplicative digital advertising and content strategies.

The problem: Managing MarTech

Only 17% of companies indicated that their different technology components work together...

Banks admit to losing 20% of their customers due to poor customer experience

Someone using an ATM.

Global banks are losing one in five (20%) of their customers due to poor customer experience, having overlooked what truly matters, according to new research by 10x Banking.

The landmark study commissioned by 10x, the transformational cloud-native SaaS core bank operating system founded by former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins, revealed that banks in key markets across the globe are shedding large numbers of their customer base to rivals. One in eight banking leaders (12%) state they...