Influencer endorsement makes consumer engagement far more likely

A camera and bottle of perfume next to a smartphone.

As influencer marketing budgets across social media continue to grow to the tune of billions of dollars – with Instagram leading the way, and TikTok rapidly growing – it is clear that influencers and digitally native content creators now form a cornerstone of many consumers’ lives.

From Love Island winners getting major brand deals to a former factory worker becoming the most followed TikTok account, the content creator’s influence spreads far and wide.


76% of Instagram influencers hide advertisement disclosure in their posts

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More than three quarters of influencer adverts on Instagram have the disclosure hidden somewhere in the post, whether that be in the middle, at the end or in a comment.

This is according to research undertaken by the team behind global affiliate network as part of a wider look into disclosure in affiliate marketing.

For the study, the top 100 posts for each disclosure hashtag were analysed to see whether the hashtag was visible in the original post, or needed...

How important are influencers to our marketing strategies?

Artwork depciting a social media influencer.

Alongside staples such as content, social media and email marketing, influencers have become an integral part of brands’ marketing mix.

Our recent research revealed that 71% of companies currently use influencer marketing or have used it in the past. What’s more, 42% of companies cite influencer marketing as one of their primary channels. This demonstrates that influencer marketing has become a mainstay in the vast majority of companies across virtually every...