Most customers don’t want companies to use AI for customer service

64% of customers would prefer that companies did not use artificial intelligence (AI) in their customer service.

This is according to a survey by analyst firm Gartner, which also found that 53% of customers would consider switching to a competitor if they found out a company was going to use AI for customer service.

A Gartner survey of 5,728 customers conducted in December 2023 revealed that while customer service leaders are eager to adopt AI, customers remain concerned...

Marketing budgets have dropped to 7.7% of overall company revenue in 2024

A pile of £20 notes.

Average marketing budgets have fallen to 7.7% of overall company revenue, down from 9.1% in 2023, according to a Gartner survey of 395 CMOs and marketing leaders.

This is according to the annual Gartner 2024 CMO Spend Survey, which was conducted from February to March 2024. Survey respondents were CMOs and marketing leaders in North America and Northern and Western Europe across 10 different industries, company sizes and revenue, with the vast majority of respondents reporting...

Analysis: The four key methods for marketing measurement to maximise impact

When looking at organisations today, market research and marketing analytics now absorb around 13-16% of marketing operations budgets. However, evidence from Gartner’s Marketing Data and Analytics Survey (client access required) indicates that these investments are mismatched with their output and this presents a significant risk to the ongoing investment.

So, what does one do to find what works and what does not – which marketing activities should be doubled down on and which...