Gwilym Pugh, Creator, @gwilymcpugh

Gwilym has been active in influencer marketing since 2014. With a passion for photography and creative content production, his interests span from outdoors lifestyle, to fashion, travel, health and fitness, tech and automotive.

He pride’s himself in maintaining a narrative throughout his feed and shooting content that both makes sense within this narrative but also incorporates the clients story in a package that is tailored for, and engaging for the audience

With an entrepreneurial background in finance, Gwilym founded his first company in 2006 and remains actively involved to this day giving him a unique insight into campaigns; having experience on both the client and influencer sides of the table. Alongside this he now actively invests in, and consults with start-up’s on all aspects of business.

Through his travels and photography experience the has developed a passion for the natural world and is pursuing this passion studing Environmental Science BSc at Open University