Understanding the mind of the modern consumer

With the explosion of channels, data and technology in the retail industry, it is easy for businesses to be overwhelmed and under-informed.

Modern consumers can be an enigma. A typical purchasing decision may include a trip to a bricks and mortar store, a call with a customer service advisor, plus hours of online research.

Shoppers may use a combination of methods on some days and on other days, only use one channel.

Customers also behave differently at different times...

5 reasons to not underestimate point of sale marketing

While e-commerce is thought to be changing the face of the retail industry, the reality is that the high street has never been more important.

Point of sale (POS) marketing needs to be given precedent in the marketing mix.

Here are five reasons why you should be thinking about POS if you aren’t already.

 1.    POS works

Research shows that 75% of buying decisions are made in-store.

We also know less shoppers are going on planned...