Marketing sector needs to improve at using analytics, research says


While just last week we reported the use of analytics is going to be an increasing area for marketers, new research from Ruler Analytics last week suggests marketers aren't actually that great at measureing their own ROI. 

The research showed that on an index of 100, marketers and PR scored the lowest for 'embracing analytics' with just 28.6.

Retailers were most likely to be using analytics, followed by tarvel and tourism, leisure and...

Wearable tech and the opportunities for marketers

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With 250 million wearables predicted to be in use by 2018, the opportunities for marketers to look into push contextualised content via this medium has never been better.

The wearable tech market is maturing. New, more advanced devices are becoming available to consumers - including Apple’s upgraded Watch operating system - and virtual and augmented reality are already leaving their footprint on the marketing...