Read the small print: Why data ownership always matters

Using and protecting data is complex and the regulatory issues are wide-reaching. When choosing third party services to process data, brands often assume they retain control over how their data is used. However, that is often not the case and it can have serious practical and legal consequences.

Being able to identify potential issues in advance is a key skill when trying to ensure your business does not get caught by them. From ownership, to the GDPR, this article will explore some...

Improve customer email engagement by 50% with heatmaps

Successful email campaigns begin with consumers opening messages – and yet open rates are only half of the equation.

Once the email has been opened, does the email deliver content effectively? Did it push the customer to take the desired action?

In a world where over 50% of email is opened on mobile devices, marketers must deliver engaging content, while competing for attention with SMS, mobile applications, Netflix, and more.

50% of email is opened on mobile...

Creating the ultimate digital retail experience for your customers

Shopping is no longer about simply going into a shop. It’s all about engagement.

It is the age of the customer and in this fast-paced, competitive, dynamic digital world, customers are bombarded with between 3000-5000 messages daily via numerous channels.

New digital technologies and channels have multiplied and will continue to do so. Even in store, customers are using a multitude of different devices to research, review and ultimately purchase goods and...