How to create a private mobile media gathering ecosystem

Sponsored Many brands and media teams have a growing need to collect, distribute and store digital content received from community members, internal personnel, content freelancers, brand ambassadors or influencers.

The digitally innovative brands, such as Red Bull, that have established their own private mobile media gathering ecosystems, are able to request, categorise and preview digital media, collaborate and operate more efficiently.

As an organisation, it makes...

Content creators: Here’s how to monetise digital content effectively

Sponsored If you’re a digitally transformed organisation in the brand, publishing or broadcasting space, or any digital content creator for that matter, chances are you’ve discovered that while having a digital content strategy and a platform to share it is one thing, monetising all that great content is another matter.

For digital content creators, monetising digital content is the last great hurdle on the journey to sustainability, with traditional revenue-generating...