How to adopt a full LinkedIn strategy

With a large potential reach via social media, many social media marketers still struggle to create relevant content for audiences on LinkedIn. Equally important is understanding how the content is performing and the levels of engagement.

LinkedIn’s relevance today for businesses is undeniable – it is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, with over 500 million users in more than 200 countries.

Since the early days, LinkedIn has evolved to...

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: not a case of either/or

Having already established itself as the go-to platform for aspirational images and videos that satisfy the voyeur in us all, Instagram has officially mastered ephemeral content. It has now overtaken Snapchat in the daily user stakes by almost 100 million (250 million versus 166 million respectively).

So should brands jump ship and ditch Snapchat for Instagram Stories?

Not so fast. Snapchat and Instagram are different beasts and offer brands different opportunities. It’s...

How can brands ensure they deliver engaging content?

The marketing landscape changed significantly with the introduction of social media – new avenues that didn’t exist a few years ago have presented marketers with a spectrum of powerful tools to support and strengthen their marketing strategies.

Every day, there are 500 million tweets, 52 million Instagram posts and 10 billion daily video views on Snapchat  – these figures clearly illustrate how enormous the social noise ratio is at the moment; social media is no...