The future of marketing: 3 key trends set to transform the European landscape in 2024

Matthew Biboud Lubeck, VP EMEA, Amperity, offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, brands are gearing up for a pivotal year in 2024 with a strategic emphasis on growth. While there will be many opportunities to drive profitable growth, one key theme emerges: privacy prioritisation. Strong privacy foundations enable accurate measurement while building consumer trust.

Research demonstrates...

Ditching DMPs: The ‘dead weight’ in modern retail advertising?

In today's privacy-focused era, customers' increasing concerns and the impending demise of third-party cookies are sending shockwaves through the advertising industry across the UK and EMEA region. And advertisers are confronted with a transformative challenge, requiring them to abandon outdated tools and embrace innovative approaches.

Whilst research demonstrates that 77% of leaders and almost as many (75%) publishers say they’re ready for a world without cookies and...

The cookie rental market is collapsing: Get your house in order with first-party data

A plate of chocolate chip cookies.

The marketing landscape is undergoing a profound transformation propelled by two significant forces: the collapse of the third-party cookie rental market and the dynamic realm of data privacy. This generational shift demands that marketers abandon reliance on traditional customer identification, retention and acquisition methods. Instead, they face the urgent task of swiftly constructing a robust foundation of first-party data. This is vital to ensuring they continue to deliver meaningful...