It’s time we finally let marketing, sales and service work together

A close up of an elephant's eye.

It’s time we address the elephant in the room and finally let marketing, sales, and service work together. The industry has been talking about customer experience (CX) for over three decades, yet, and I’m sorry to report this, most of these teams are still working in silos, failing to share customer data in insights with each other and ultimately failing the customer themselves.

Putting the problem into perspective, SugarCRM’s recent research found that half of sales leaders...

Thriving in 2021: The top six trends for sales and marketing leaders

The impact of 2020 was far-reaching, especially for sales and marketing teams. With business and consumer spending habits having dramatically changed due to uncertainty, as we move forward into 2021, how can businesses overcome this challenge, especially in the wake of three national lockdowns, a furlough scheme and a general lack of organisational spending?

One positive outcome from the pandemic has been the realisation for businesses of the importance of technology to keep them...