Google Cloud partner digs into generative AI for marketers

If you are worried that generative AI is coming for your jobs then the recent Google Cloud Next event may have caused palpitations. But don’t worry just yet, as this solution appears to be marked out as friend rather than foe.

Typeface, a generative AI app provider, announced the launch of an integrated generative AI marketing solution with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation Models to ‘merge generative AI into a single, streamlined...

Gartner offers uncertainty in AI-centric 2023 CMO forecast 

Gartner has offered its yearly prognostications to marketers as 2023 approaches – and it is set to be a battlefield where misinformation through social media and AI will be the primary enemies. 

The analyst firm has identified five trends in all, many of which have long deadlines attached but are still worth considering. Gartner argued that by 2027, four in five enterprise marketers will establish a ‘dedicated content authenticity function’ to combat misinformation. This... On authenticity in social – linking a post-cookie, post-Covid world

"When it comes to marketing and social media, data is really telling us the truth - and we always shy away from reading the data and using it because it might make us look bad," explains Wiebke Leffers, senior strategist at social media platform provider

"This 'creative' feeling of if something worked on social media or not is just outdated," Leffers adds. "We really need to understand if we are achieving what we [want] on social media."

It's the age-old...

Preparing for a cookieless future – by revamping your data-driven culture

Session It's a case of good news and bad news for digital marketers right now. The bad news is that third-party cookies are being phased out by 2022 - and however hard one begs, they're not coming back.

The good news, however, is that necessity is often the mother of invention - and if brands are smart, they are already thinking of how to deliver the hyper-personalised experiences their customers require.

But it is never as easy as all that.

There is an...

Salesforce Digital 360 for Industries looks further to a cloud-controlled marketing approach

You may have heard of the concept of an 'industry cloud'; a solution which has been customised to fit operatory and regulatory requirements for a specific vertical. Salesforce has looked to this for software as a service (SaaS) and digital experiences with the release of Digital 360 for Industries.

The company's latest offering mixes industry apps, developer tools, websites, portals and best practices purpose-built for the financial services, grocery, healthcare and non-profit...

Social media spend study shows digital marketing’s Covid ‘resiliency’ one year on

A year since the first lockdown was implemented in the United Kingdom, it seems an appropriate time to assess the Covid-influenced shifting social media landscape. According to Socialbakers, global social media ad spend and reach continued to grow in 2020 in spite of the pandemic.

The findings, which appear in the company's latest report, 'State of Social Media Marketing A Year After Covid', saw a gradual uptick from March onwards. Not surprisingly, there was a drop at the...

Analysing the haves and have nots for sales enablement: How can you become better?

If you want to be part of the C-suite at a visionary company, then you need a strategic, cyclical approach to the customer lifecycle. But where should sales enablement fit in?

This is the keynote of a new report issued by Seismic (landing page, email required). Not overly surprisingly, 'sales enablement platform provider says sales enablement is key' is not going to get tongues wagging. Yet while, as one would expect, the report says companies are applying sales enablement to...

Adobe, BBC and Microsoft among big names in new standards group to combat disinformation

Six major organisations, including Adobe, the BBC, and Microsoft, have formed a combined entity to 'develop an end-to-end, open standard for tracing the origin and evolution of digital content.'

The companies, who also include Arm, Intel and Truepic, are creating the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). The group will look to develop 'content provenance specifications' for common asset types and formats, with the goal of enabling publishers, creators and...

Sara McCorquodale, CEO, CORQ: On influencer and brand relationships and Gen Z/millennial priorities

Influencer marketing is a catchy, catch-all buzzword - but for a term so vast, it has a litany of caveats attached to it.

Right now, in these uncertain Covid times, the word has a certain stigma - especially referring to those who are jetting off to conduct 'essential work' when so many are unable to travel. PR Week dubbed it the Dubai dilemma. Yet this undercuts the work many others are doing with far lower budget and scope.

Since the first brands caught on to the...

Digital, content and social roles on the rise in 2021, says LinkedIn

eCommerce personnel, digital content professionals and creative freelancers are expected to be among the fastest growing jobs in the UK in 2021, according to new data from LinkedIn.

The figures appear in LinkedIn's 'Jobs on the Rise' report, which analysed sectors with the highest year on year growth rates in hiring between April and October 2020.

Covid-19 has naturally played a major role in determining which roles are most sought after. In terms of eCommerce, which was...