Using martech to prevent a poor digital customer experience

A drawing depicting online customer experience.

“Content” – as Bill Gates once famously said - “is king.” And yet, despite this, 83% of marketers claim to struggle when it comes to creating and managing content that can be rapidly released across their digital platforms. The digital experience management (Digital XM) systems most organisations use are complex, expensive, and outdated, holding businesses back from creating the ideal customer experiences (CX) that result in sales and provide insights into customer...

Why agility has been the number one marketing skill of 2020

If you look at any job spec for a marketer, the attribute of ‘agility’ will be fairly low down the list of requirements, if on the list at all.

The events of 2020 have changed that – the ability for businesses and their marketing teams to demonstrate agility has been crucial in the face of extreme market pressures that have disrupted strategies across multiple sectors.

Firms operating in the retail sector have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. In the UK,...

How digital asset management takes immersive marketing strategies to the next level

It’s arguably more difficult for marketers to do a good job in today’s digital economy. Gone are the days of relying solely on promotional catalogues, stuffed through letterboxes, or batch-and-blast emails, sent to a mailing list.

While traditional tactics still have a time and a place, the business landscape today is hyper competitive. Technology has flooded every industry, making it easier to reach more consumers, but paradoxically more difficult to choose the right...