Beyond the blacklist: The best tools you need to ensure brand safety

With the recent announcement from Google that YouTube might never be 100% brand-safe, brands are once again being forced to grapple with the thorny issue of brand safety.

Blacklists have emerged as the most popular tool for dealing with the most common concerns, being used by over 60% of marketers in the last year. While this approach does effectively insulate brands from unsafe environments, many have found it also acts as a barrier between themselves and potential audiences,...

Why visual marketing should be a 2017 focus

If anyone doubted that the internet is becoming a progressively more visual medium, two deals announced last month should have enlightened them.

Instagram revealed plans to create a live video function on its Instagram Stories platform, taking it up against Snapchat and Facebook Live. Unlike Facebook Live though, the short videos recorded by Instagram's users will disappear as soon as they are recorded – friends will only be able to watch them live.

Meanwhile, Facebook is...