What is effective personalized communication?

Marchai Bruchey, CMO at Thunderhead discusses why it’s important not to forget the offline marketing channels when marketing to customers.

“Customers are key” is a statement bandied around boardrooms and offices globally. A cliché, yes; but true none the less. You could have the most sophisticated and innovative product or service, but without customers you’re a company with nothing.

However, it is one thing to acquire customers, yet quite...

How Google+ highlights a new war on site speed

By Paul Cook, CEO TagMan -www.tagman.com

The tension between using all the amazing online marketing technologies and plug-ins now available to site owners and the effect implementing those things has on the speed of their websites has come to the fore in the last month. When Google launched Google+, we soon discovered that the plug-in to enable sharing of web content in the platform was a big one. It took a second to load, which, for large e-commerce businesses, is an absolute age...

Why marketing technology must make technical sense

Whether consumers are up to speed on technology or not, they all need to understand and react to marketing messages in order to buy goods or services, writes Richard Stephens, managing director, DirectionGroup. Getting the right reaction is key to the success of any marketing proposal and yet brands still lead and dominate their communications with ‘tech speak’, or in old marketing terms, they sell attributes rather than benefits.

Digital marketing provides brands with...