Why empowered marketers will own the customer experience by 2020

By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake both price and product as a key brand differentiator. A 280-character Twitter post, Instagram snap or Facebook update from a disgruntled consumer can destroy a brand’s long-built reputation and performance in an instant, so brands must deliver a consistent, connected, competitive customer experience. Those businesses that get this right are rewarded: 68% of UK consumers in a study said they would be willing to spend more on a product...

Five tips for effective personalisation

From handwritten notes to bespoke offers from stores, we pay more attention when people take time to personalise our communications.

A colleague of mine used to record every detail of conversations he had with clients, and would include them in personalised follow-up letters – even to the extent of inquiring how one particular client’s lumbago was.

This particular client found this warmth and attention to detail gratifying and respectful, and his spend with the...

10 ways your brand can generate digital trust

In our hyperconnected world, empowered consumers share their brand experiences across multiple platforms. Digital messages spread in milliseconds. Posts with just 140 characters have the potential to make or break brands.  

It has never been more important for brands to connect with their audiences; to demonstrate transparency, honesty and credibility; and to generate – and repay – trust. 

By interacting with businesses, we expect them to take care of the...