Do US marketers know more acronyms than their UK counterparts?

According to Adform’s CMO, European marketers aren’t afraid of new online display ad technology – “just the wrapper it comes in”.

Following previous research from display marketing specialists Adform examining marketers’ knowledge of online advertising acronyms; it appears that the US is more clued up on the key terms than their UK counterparts.

Adform’s research, taken from a poll of 120 delegates at...

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Performics: Talking to the CEO about SEO strategy

How does a performance marketing company stay one step ahead of the game? MarketingTech spoke to Daina Middleton, Performics CEO, and Matt Miller, Performics SVP strategy and analytics, about SEO, semantics and social CRM.

The algorithms change, but the principles remain

According to Performics, if you’ve got a healthy attitude to SERPs and have the right strategies in place, all the bluff and bluster about avoiding SEO traps is irrelevant.

“It’s really funny, the algorithms do change and we...

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Which browser has the best advertising CTR? [infographic]

A new piece of research from Chitika Insights has given a surprising verdict: Opera browser users click on the most ads, with Safari in second place.

The research, which covered “hundreds of millions of U.S and Canadian online ad impressions”, found that Opera on average had a click through rate (CTR) of 2.12%, with Safari Mobile (1.54%) and Internet Explorer (1.14%) comprising the top three. Chrome came last with 0.54% CTR – 0.51% for iOS.

Perhaps surprisingly, the CTR acronym was only recognised by 77%...

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How is social media affecting the #Election2012?

Two pieces of research have uncovered intriguing social media trends relating to the US presidential elections.

Research from Pew has revealed that social media commenters were "relentlessly negative" about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and far harsher than the mainstream media; while research from market analysts Mindshare reveals that Republicans are more likely to interact with social media.

Given that the 2008 contest was widely considered the first ‘digital election’, there has been a lot of...

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Adform: Increased support for mobile in online advertising

Rich media and mobile the two key trends for online advertising

According to research from online marketing specialists Adform, mobile is the area most likely area to fuel investment into online display marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.

The responses came from digital marketers polled at the ad:tech conference in London, and the results showed the increasing part mobile has to play in marketing. Mobile topped the polls with 33% of respondents citing it, with social media (23%) and online video (8%)...

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Specific email send time vital for engagement, says survey

A new survey from StrongMail and conducted by Zoomerang has revealed that four out of five business leaders have seen an increase in engagement and revenue if emails are delivered at a specific time of day.

Similarly, three in five admit that if promotional emails aren’t sent on time, there is a noticeable decrease in campaign revenue.

43.3% of the 743 respondents said that having promotional emails arrive during a specific delivery window was “very beneficial”, with a further 42.6% saying...

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How do tablets change the paradigm of print media? #AppsWorld

An expert panel at Apps World, featuring speakers from the Financial Times, Telegraph Media Group and Immediate Media, discussed the likelihood of the link between device proliferation and the decline of print media.

The consensus was that each platform could co-exist and provided different things.

Rebekah Billingsley, mobile devices publishing director for Immediate Media, said: “I don’t think print will be dead for a very long time, and that’s the good news.”

According to Mark...

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Can QR codes and NFC survive in the mobile marketing sphere? #AppsWorld

With several technologies competing for the same space in the mobile ecosystem, is it a case of survival of the fittest, or can they all co-exist?

This question, looking at NFC and QR codes in particular, was a highlight of the Apps World expert panel discussion on building a mobile marketing strategy, featuring speakers from Yankee Group, Urban Airship, Mojiva and Volvo.

With Apple choosing not to incorporate NFC into the iPhone 5, what is NFC’s future?

According to Jason Armitage, senior analyst at...

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Secretive smartphone app in line for industry award #AppsWorld

An app that lets secretive smartphone users hide sensitive texts and images away from prying eyes has made it to the final of an apps industry awards competition, The Appsters 2012.

Unfaithful partners, international spies or anyone wanting to keep part of their life secret can use the Loky app to keep contacts, text messages, files and images hidden safely away from inquisitive snoopers and suspicious partners.

Loky’s makers say the app aims to ‘keep your...

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How to get the most out of your email marketing campaign

Marketing Tech caught up with Emailvision’s Henry Smith at Ad:Tech to discuss best practices in terms of email marketing for e-retailers

Research from cloud-based e-commerce marketers Emailvision has revealed that many top UK e-retailers don’t ask for such data as gender, date of birth and phone number for their marketing campaigns.

The first UK Retail Email Benchmark Study, entitled “Leaping Over the Subscribe Hurdle” and commissioned by Emailvision, reviewed the top 100 UK...

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#AppsWorld preview: Why “spray and pray” banners just don’t cut it on mobile

As the mobile sphere continues to open up, the opportunities for marketers and advertisers to build brand awareness and emphasise their message opens up with it.

Marketing Tech spoke to Jason Armitage, senior consumer research analyst for digital media and applications at Yankee Group, and James Chandler, head of mobile at Mindshare ahead of their appearance at Apps World, to get an insight into how mobile can fit into an overall marketing blueprint.

A recurrent theme from both men...

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Microsoft, Apple and Intel most recognised logos, says survey

More evidence that a recognisable, likeable logo is at the heart of a successful brand image

A UK-based survey of 1000 consumers found that the most recognisable technology company logos were Microsoft, Apple and Intel.

Research from activation agency OgilvyAction showed that the Windows logo was identified by 92.7% of respondents, with 86% and 85.6% of those surveyed recognising the Apple and Intel logos respectively.

The three highest scorers are, of course, all companies that have...

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Beware tweets which go unanswered, says Gartner

It’s good practice to respond to all requests and enquiries via social media channels of course, but according to analysts Gartner not replying to tweets and Facebook messages could be more costly than you think.

According to Gartner, “for organisations that use social media to promote their products, responding to enquiries via social media channels will be the new minimum level of response expected”.

Further, Gartner forecast that refusing to communicate by social media could be as harmful...

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Social media: don't jump on sensitive #hashtags

However tempting it may be to give your tweet an extra push by affixing a trending hashtag, it’s worth reiterating that to keep your image above water it needs to be both relevant and appropriate.

Whereas you can arguably get away with not adhering to the first one, if you don’t abide by the second watch the negative feedback roll in.

This fate befell fashion company Celeb Boutique over the weekend, after one of their tweets appeared to make light of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado over the fatal...

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How to shoot down a brand dissenter with style [infographic]

Here’s an effective way to draw positive attention to your brand and maintain a sense of humour, as shown by @smartcarusa.

Smart cars have never traditionally received the best press, and Twitter user Clayton Hove couldn’t resist a sly dig at the company’s supposedly brittle exterior.

Presumably not expecting any response in particular – a quick look on his page shows his tweets are frequent and far reaching at a variety of targets – Hove would...

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Are the new top-level domains going to give brands more power?

The news that two companies are willing to pay $185,000 for .sex may seem shocking at first glance, but it becomes perfectly innocent with the news of the new “top-level domains” available to companies.

The announcement from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) of a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program which will hugely extend the list of potential domains and web pages has been praised...

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Does your SEO optimisation need a spruce up?

Here’s a useful resource for marketing executives: an SEO audit checklist from digital marketing agency Evolve Digital Labs.

The St Louis-based company has published the checklist, downloadable as a PDF, as both a guide to their own auditing standards and a step-by-step run-through for brands to utilise when assessing their SEO pulling power.

The checklist features three specific areas of...

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Google squares up to CNIL for round three of privacy row

Google’s difference of opinion with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) over its privacy strategy is to reach a head next week when representatives will meet to discuss the issue.

The dispute is over Google’s updated privacy policy, which allows Google to collate data from all their outlets, including Youtube, Gmail and Google+, and seamlessly assimilate them. The CNIL is concerned about how the change will affect users from a legal standpoint.

The change was...

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GM reassesses marketing campaign after dropping Facebook ads

General Motors has announced it is to stop advertising on Facebook after claiming their current social media marketing campaign is not influencing potential customers.

Earlier this week the global manufacturer posted a survey on its official Facebook page asking for “ways to improve our Facebook community”.

This move adds fresh fuel to the debate of social media advertising: does it actually pay off? Not according to General Motors, it appears.

GM spends...

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