Social media ROI: How to turn social coverage into a sale

Why should companies have a social media presence? Anybody reading this worth their salt should have their heads filling with answers, from increasing brand engagement, to providing a quicker customer service outlet to simply getting more customers.

Yet it’s this element, of how social media can directly affect the bottom line, which is often the most elusive.

To counteract this, Vision Critical has just released a paper which examines all the key social players, their strengths, weaknesses and...

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SunZu CEO Lyndon Wood on being “business first” in social

Lyndon Wood, CEO and founder of business social network SunZu, chats to MarketingTech about how SunZu differs from LinkedIn, finding your niche and going mobile

Hands up who out there remembers Ecademy? Founded in 1998, it was one of the original online networking portals and, before the advent of the social networks we know and love today, had a large influence and marketshare.

Those days have passed, however, and things have changed. Last year, Welsh entrepreneur Lyndon Wood bought Ecademy “in...

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Facebook tops one million active advertisers

Facebook has announced on its company blog that it has surpassed one million active advertisers on the social network.

This appears an excellent announcement to make hot on the heels of the social giant’s IPO first anniversary, with 1.2 billion connections noted between people and local businesses in the EU.

Whatever you think of Facebook ads, be it from the end user or the company’s perspective, it’s clear that they certainly are working and represent good value for...

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Real time bidding mobile ad spend up 275% says Adform

These days, just putting up an advert and expecting it to do the business and bring the clicks in isn’t enough. From rich media to cost per action and real time bidding (RTB), these more innovative advertising methods continue to fragment the marketplace.

And according to Adform’s latest RTB report, the amount spent on real time bidding advertising solutions went up to an all time high. This is particularly impressive given the traditional post Christmas slump of January and February, with March...

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Lessons learned from lesser known social media disasters

It’s a tricky situation to be in. Companies require a constant presence on social media – and if you get it wrong just once, then it’s more than likely your error will be magnified and your reputation ruined.

Yet for the high wire balancing act of corporate social, there’s certainly help out there. Adobe’s head of social consulting, Jeremy Waite, recently published

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Jean Michel Jarre: YouTube not bad guys in artist rights debate

For many people, the idea of browsing YouTube to listen to music for free is almost second nature. Even when some videos get whacked, the sheer amount of uploads per day makes it impossible for the big labels to keep up.

The issue of an artist’s intellectual property has therefore been a thorny one for the past 10 years. Yet, for Jean Michel Jarre, speaking at the biennial World Creators Summit in Washington DC earlier this week, all artists, not just musicians, need to speak up for their rights –...

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Four reasons digital publishing brands should embrace the tablet

With the publishing industry in the midst of change, magazine proprietors are faced with a dilemma. Do you keep ploughing a furrow in print; do you throw everything into going digital; or do you go somewhere in between?

The answer, of course, is usually the latter. But there’s also plenty of evidence out there to suggest that publishing brands simply have to utilise the tablet effectively – and not just viewing the magazine’s site through a web browser.

For some magazines, of course, it’s too late....

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Analysing Facebook's IPO one year on

A year has passed since Facebook first floated itself on the stock market; but what has the tale been for the social giant since then?

Mark Zuckerberg’s less-than-official attire of hoodie and jeans when pitching Facebook to Wall Street investors got the backs up of the banking fraternity, yet the Palo Alto firm was subsequently valued at $104bn (£66bn), at approximately $38 (£24) a share.

There was certainly worry in terms of what this meant for the social site. With an ethos proudly...

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WordPress increases dominance as CMS of choice

A new piece of research from Royal Pingdom has come back with a perhaps unsurprising conclusion; WordPress is the most popular blogging platform – but more interestingly, its dominance is growing.

The researchers analysed the top 100 blogs from Technorati and assessed which platform was on which – and it transpires that over half (52%) were on WordPress, a...

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Which is the best e-commerce platform for you? [infographic]

A new graphic from business management software provider Brightpearl has offered opinion as to the best e-commerce solution your company should choose, based on a wide variety of options.

Many businesses need an online store in order to maximise revenue and increase marketing push, and being in the market for an e-commerce platform isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Each main vendor has different strengths, and would perform differently dependent on which development stage your organisation...

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More and more SMEs moving away from offline marketing

The vast majority of small businesses continue to move away from traditional marketing, according to a new report from pbSmart Essentials in conjunction with Pitney Bowes.

Just under half (48%) of SMEs surveyed admitted that offline marketing contributed for less than 10% of their overall marketing activities, with 22% of respondents adding that they didn’t market down traditional channels at all.

The survey, which interviewed more than 500 small businesses between January and February this year,...

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How do consumers use and perceive hashtags?

RadiumOne’s latest research has revealed interesting statistics regarding customer perception and usage of hashtags.

Every marketer has to have hashtags drummed into their day-to-day routine, and their correct usage – making sure you neither overuse nor underuse them – is a key factor in making sure as many eyeballs as possible see campaigns. But what do consumers really think?

In the main, they see hashtags as a force for good rather than evil. Of the near 500 users surveyed, 43% see...

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How Twitter is changing the face of brand advertising #SMWF

It’s difficult to underestimate Twitter’s importance in transforming the social space. But how is Twitter maturing, and how else is the micro blogger’s influence being seen?

Speaking at Social Media World Forum Bruce Daisley, Twitter UK sales director, explained that TV and advertising also benefits.

Given that the half-life of a tweet is between six and seven minutes, the key emphasis is on real-time changes, and as a result, it’s forcing brands to change...

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Adobe: Improving social strategy and marrying context with content #SMWF

Jeremy Waite, head of social consulting at Adobe EMEA, speaks to MarketingTech at Social Media World Forum about the tech giant’s social strategy, and the trends in social

Adobe continues to ramp up its position in the social sphere with Adobe Social. Launched last year, the tool is claimed as being unique, according to Waite, because of being able to overlay digital traffic on top of social traffic.

“At the moment, Adobe’s the only company in the world that can do that,”...

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Learn from email marketing for social media engagement #SMWF

If there’s one lesson to be learned from this year’s Social Media World Forum, it’s that engagement is the Holy Grail.

But the story’s not quite as simple as that, as a packed conference room discovered during a panel session featuring representatives from the BBC, EngageSciences, UNICEF and American Express.

“Likes don’t buy you love – that’s a reality,” commented Carl Barkey, head of social media and customer engagement...

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Embracing the social community #SMWF

MarketingTech spoke to representatives from Lithium Technologies, Sony and Nissan on the importance of community in the social sphere as Social Media World Forum kicks off

As brands start to integrate social more, they get a core base of followers and product advocates. But what should companies do to keep communities ticking over, making new fans?

Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, EMEA marketing director at Lithium Technologies, sees this challenge as the ‘social journey’, and asks various questions of the...

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Affiliate and performance marketing: Differences and the trends driving them

MarketingTech speaks to Stephen Kerin, UK managing director at affiliate marketer Webgains, on the differences between affiliate and performance marketing and the trends underpinning them

What’s in a name? When considering the fundamental differences between affiliate marketing and performance marketing, the answer is certainly of interest.

In reality, affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing, with advertisers rewarding affiliates for activity relating to the affiliate’s marketing...

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How Valentine’s Day has become more challenging for marketers [infographic]

A recent survey from engagement advertising provider SocialVibe has revealed how consumers are becoming less and less besotted with St Valentine’s Day – making it more difficult for marketers to get to the heart of what users want.

And love certainly isn’t all around social media; only one third of women polled will be posting something related to Valentine’s Day on Facebook.

According to SocialVibe's survey of 975 US consumers, more and more love birds are flying away, with people...

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Examining different types of influence in social media

Many people who proclaim themselves as ‘social media gurus’, as well as companies looking to get a foot-up on their competitors, see influence as the Holy Grail. But are they going about it the right way? MarketingTech spoke to Tempero’s Michael Conroy to find out.

According to Michael Conroy, senior social media analyst at Tempero, there are problems to the more traditional approaches to social media influence – in particular, just relying on numbers to check who...

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What will happen to performance marketing in 2013?

As the consumers become savvier, the marketers have to do likewise. Dan Cohen, the North West market unit leader for affiliate marketers Tradedoubler, has revealed ten predictions for performance marketing in 2013.

These include the prevalence of mobile in performance marketing, companies making consumers their social media ambassadors and noting how performance marketing will become more vital as marketing budgets feel the pinch.

Find out the 10 predictions from Cohen below:

  • Mobile...
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