Bottoms up? Belhaven Breweries and Hobgoblin look to alter their brands

Updated 1653 GMT: It’s a case of ‘new year, new brand’ for two British breweries.

Scotland-based Belhaven Breweries has launched a rebrand, whilst Wychwood Breweries’ most popular ale, Hobgoblin, has put together a Twitter/Google Maps mash up to track the beer drinkers with the most air miles.

The Scottish brewery, which has been in business since 1719, has enlisted Ziggurat Brands to transform itself for 2014 – in particular the huge drive in craft beer interest.

“The rise of...

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Wells Fargo downgrades Apple’s rating, shares suffer

Investment bank Wells Fargo has downgraded Apple’s market rating from “outperform” to “market perform”, ensuring 2014 will not start well for Cupertino.

The news evidently sent ripples around the marketplace, with Apple’s shares dropping as much as 1.4pc in early trading yesterday.

The reason for the downgrade, according to the bank, was a combination of a lack of disposable income for consumers, as well as slower expectations on the to-be-released iPhone 6.

Yet it’s...

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DataSift CEO Nick Halstead on the future of unstructured enterprise data

Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of social data platform DataSift, has had a very busy month. In December, his company received a $42m investment from a consortium of venture capitalists, led primarily by Insight Venture Partners, with the money going to accelerate both sales and technology development.

At the time, there was plenty of comparison between DataSift and Twitter search monitoring firm Topsy, which last month was acquired by Apple.

Yet Halstead, speaking to MarketingTech, is quick to quell the...

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What are the key trends for video advertising in 2014?

MarketingTech has examined the benefits, challenges and opportunities within video advertising and marketing in 2013 – but what does the future hold?

Christmas, of course, brings out all the big names in video marketing, with John Lewis’ ‘The Bear and The Hare’ Christmas ad ranking second in the UK’s best adverts of the year according to YouTube – even though it only launched in...

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Intel ‘inside’: £15m sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona announced

Intel has announced a $25m (£15m) global sponsorship deal with Spanish football giant Barcelona – with the company’s logo being printed inside the Barcelona shirt.

The move will see Barcelona become “one of the most technologically advanced football clubs in [the] world”, according to Intel head of marketing Deborah Conrad.

Barcelona players won’t be forced into wearing Intel’s logo, but the overall idea is for players to lift up their shirts to reveal the logo when...

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Instagram launches Instagram Direct – but should Snapchat and WhatsApp worry?

Photo sharing social network Instagram has today announced Instagram Direct, a service which enables users to send photos to groups of up to 15 people.

In a surprise event, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced the launch, which expands Instagram’s product portfolio and will be an add-on to the current app.

Users can only send photos and videos to people they follow and who follow them back, with a blog post on the official Instagram site...

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Quietroom attempts to rebrand Santa for the 21st century

While not all brands are aiming at the same market, they all want to portray the best possible image. Yet without due care and attention to its user base, some brands get outdated, stuffy and worn out.

A rebrand strategy is therefore essential. But how do you solve a problem like Santa? Brand communication specialists Quietroom set about this task in a recently published document, with tongues firmly in cheeks and poking fun at branding and marketing speak.

The opening...

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Evian baby ad crowned most popular YouTube advert of 2013

Evian’s “baby & me” advert has been named the most popular advert of 2013 according to YouTube, beating off competition from Dove and Internet Explorer.

The advert for the bottled water brand, which clocked over 67 million views, featured its trademark babies with adults catching sight of their baby selves in a mirror and dancing to a track called ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ by Yuksek, remixed especially for the ad.

The Evian ad was so popular it even made the top five trending videos...

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Nestle aims to take the pain out of Captchas with KitKat game

Food giant Nestle has taken steps into getting rid of the much-derided Captcha technology on its KitKat website by asking users to open a foil wrapper of the chocolate bar.

As reported by Marketing Magazine, the manufacturer utilises the PlayCaptcha advertising solution created by Future Ad Labs to take the pain out of Captchas, in a campaign created alongside ad agency JWT London.


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How has Twitter been analysing the impact of #BlackFriday?

For US consumers, Black Friday is a well renowned retail tradition, with the day following Thanksgiving Day being synonymous with stores opening early with big discounts.

In the UK, plenty has been written over the impact ‘Black Friday’ would have – with the result being casualties, fights and even arrests in what was described as scenes of “bedlam” earlier today.

Yet according to Twitter respondents, the majority of global opinion on Black Friday was of a...

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Captify: Is search retargeting the future of advertising as we know it?

It’s official: for publishers and brands, traditional banner ad campaigns simply don’t cut it anymore. With acceptable CTR figures continuing to slide, and users becoming increasingly immune to online advertising, something had to give.

UK-based startup Captify is one of those companies looking to change things round.

While the importance of real time bidding (RTB) models increases, Captify takes it one step further by being one...

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Research claims £10bn online Christmas pot up for grabs for retailers

Retailers are being told to be vigilant over the festive season, with a new survey released today claiming that 65% of people will be online at some point on Christmas Day – with 63% logging in on Boxing Day.

The research, conducted by open cloud provider Rackspace, revealed some interesting findings regarding consumers’ holiday online habits.

One in five polled said they would shop using their tablets – up from 12% this time last year – with 16% saying they would use their smartphones, up from 11%....

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More than one in three brands have “no idea” where their ads appear

The latest research, this time from Project Sunblock, has revealed that more than a third of brands are unaware about where their advertising content is appearing.

Overall, around 7.78 billion display advertising impressions are put alongside the more nefarious areas of the web, from phishing and malware to violence, pornography and illegal drugs.

The figures conclude that approximately £2.4bn is spent on advertising that “could end up anywhere”, with almost two thirds (62%) of marketers...

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Brands have only got 71 seconds to secure customer loyalty, report warns

Brands have on average only 71 seconds before the consumer has made their mind up about what to expect from them, a new survey has found.

The report from cloud platform LivePerson, entitled ‘Connecting With Customers’ which polled over 6,000 consumers across four continents, also revealed that more than two thirds (67%) of consumers shopping online have received no reply from retailers after firing off a support email, with over half of cases not being resolved on the first email reply.

What does...

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Are brands overlooking smartphones as a sales channel?

New research from ResponseTap has revealed that, for marketers, smartphones offer three times more conversions than previously thought.

According to the research, which was an analysis of more than 450,000 on and offline transactions, previous studies looked at buying patterns from users who had only used smartphone browsers.

That particular conversion rate was set at 0.4% in the research – but according to ResponseTap, if that figure includes transactions made from a phone call, that number goes up to...

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Yahoo! starts domain name auction, clearing out lots of real estate

Roll up, roll up. Yahoo! is for one week only clearing out over 500 domain names built up over the years – with prices ranging from $100 to $1.5m.

The event, dubbed ‘Domainapalooza’, runs until November 21 and according to Kevin Kramer, deputy general counsel, once the company had stumbled upon these URLs, it was only fair to let other companies use them rather than hog the real estate.

“Surely creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them,”...

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One in four marketers hasn’t executed a cross-screen advertising campaign

Here’s an interesting survey result, this time courtesy of digital advertising provider Undertone: one in four marketers has not yet launched a cross-screen advertising campaign.

This isn’t to say they’ve not considered it. 84% of marketers surveyed and 92% of agencies said they were considering deploying a campaign – and none of the respondents said they were looking at decreasing their budget for it. Key benefits of cross-screen, according to those surveyed, are raising brand...

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Analysing the fine line between marketing and data science

With more and more data at marketers’ fingertips, it’s easy to assume it makes the job of marketing a product that much easier.

You know what works and doesn’t, you know what your user base does and doesn’t like, so the likelihood of hitting the sweet spot goes up.

But as marketing gains an almost digital omnipotence, is the artistic side more swiftly dying out?

The question of whether marketing is an art or a science has been going on for generations.

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Twitter’s IPO and market debut: Where do things go from here?

Late last night, Twitter announced that it had priced its IPO at $26 a share – above the $23 to $25 range announced on Monday putting the firm’s value at around $17bn.

“We’ve priced our initial public offering of 70,000,000 shares of our common stock at a price to the public of $26 per share,” a Twitter statement read. “In addition, we’ve granted the underwriters a 30-day option to purchase up to 10,500,000 additional...

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Local brands most important to UK consumers, report reveals

UK consumers are more likely to put trust in British brands, according to the latest industry survey from customer experience specialist Nunwood, with Amazon the only non-UK company in the top 10 best brands.

The survey, which looked at the 100 most popular brands for UK consumers, saw John Lewis claim the top spot ahead of retailer QVC and bank First Direct, with Amazon – who claimed top spot this time last year – shunted down to fourth.

Marks & Spencer took up two places in the top 10, with...

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