Safety outside numbers: Why Twitter’s 10th birthday represents a warning shot


With Twitter celebrating its 10th birthday this month, there is currently a lot of media hype around whether the social network has reached its peak. The numbers may even be in decline; speculation that is causing a great deal of panic amongst marketers.

No longer the shiny new toy

Twitter isn’t dying and neither is social. However, Twitter and Facebook are now over a...

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Speeding up the social media evolution for business growth

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Cast your mind back five years ago to when social media was just starting to enter into business vernacular. The idea that social could be used as a tool to speak directly to customers was so new that many marketers just dived right in with a “do first, figure the rest out later” approach.

More often than not, no metrics or KPIs were put in place to measure the impact of social activity. There was just a vague sense from within the business that if everyone else was...

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Are you targeting the wrong online influencers?


The majority of consumers trust friends, peers and family more than brands. But who do consumers listen to the most online? If celebrity names and high-profile personalities spring to mind, think twice. Consumers are a more discerning bunch than some brands may realise.

While many consumers follow celebrities with huge social media audiences (Katy Perry has a whopping 73 million Twitter followers at present), it’s doubtful they’ll rely on...

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Why customers are now your brand's best salespeople

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The consumer landscape has changed considerably in recent years, with customer expectations reaching unprecedented heights, pushed along by the uptake of social media.

Businesses and consumers alike have acknowledged this shift. Survey results released last week revealed that 82 per cent of U.S business leaders believe customers have higher expectations compared to three years ago – with 60...

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What you need to do to stay ahead in the social race


In the last 10 years the social media landscape has changed dramatically - so much so, that it’s difficult to predict the next social phenomenon. By the time I finish writing this sentence, 350,000 tweets will have been shared. As people become more reliant on social media, a brand’s social capital has become increasingly linked with financial success.

While social may be captivating and engaging, a social marketing campaign has...

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Digital SOS: Handling extreme customer expectations


Brands big and small are bound to fall victim to an angry customer at some point online. Although social media has become an integral part of many brands’ communications strategies, with 75% of companies viewing customer service as a competitive differentiator, it is rarely smooth sailing in the world of digital customer complaints.

Several top brands have seen their share of social media disasters...

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From customer to brand ambassador: The power of social


Customer service is now the heart of marketing. Don’t believe me? Today consumers rely much more heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations – so much so that a great customer experience can become a company’s strongest marketing asset. In other words, getting the entire organisation aligned around the singular objective of creating a consistent, excellent customer experience is an integral part of marketing best practice.

Of course, aligning an entire brand with this...

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