Measuring and evaluating your social media effort

Few doubt the rapidly growing importance of social media. With over a billion Facebook users, over 500 million Twitter users and 150 million LinkedIn users, these channels undoubtedly create opportunities not just to “talk” at customers but to “listen” and respond in highly relevant ways.

But doing social media “at scale” isn’t easy. Social media isn’t one thing. It isn’t PR. It isn’t viral campaigns. It isn’t Twitter-based...

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Topology: The critical forgotten factor in digital analytics

The Problem with Statistical Analysis in Web Analytics

The practice of Digital Analytics is built on a few simple, largely unquestioned assumptions. The first of these assumptions is “intentionality”. When a visitor looks at a page about a topic or product, we assume they have an interest in the product or topic – that the behavior was intentional.

The second key assumption is “influence”. When a visitor views a page and then subsequently does something we consider a success, we...

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Analytics: How to untangle the data deluge

When did web analytics officially die? Perhaps earlier this year when the Web Analytics Association renamed itself to the Digital Analytics Association in recognition that there is a lot more to the digital world than fixed web, and that social and mobile channels need to be added to the mix.

Phil Kemelor, Vice President of Strategic Analytics at Semphonic, highlights that from a measurement perspective, even this was a bit of old news. There has always been multiple ways to gauge the effectiveness of online initiatives...

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E-commerce: The move beyond page-based to product-based analytics

The limitations of page-based analysis

Perhaps the most striking development in the growing sophistication of e-commerce sites and shoppers has been the dramatic increase in the importance of product aisle and product search pages.

These pages now do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to merchandising and often contain a rich mix of products, merchandising drives, and customer offers.

Remarkably, almost nothing interesting from a merchandising perspective is captured in the view of the page itself. The effectiveness of...

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Visitor segmentation: A data model for the digital world

The most sophisticated of today's enterprise marketing organisations should have the basic infrastructure in place to effectively measure the customer journey.

As customer information is assembled across multiple communication channels, organisations have discovered that having the full customer journey and understanding it are two entirely different things. However an organisation's data is ultimately structured, to use it effectively it must be modelled to be understood.

What organisations need to create is a data...

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What is the future for big data analytics?

The Problem

Digital measurement at the enterprise level has been driven by two major trends - the use of tags to collect user behaviour and the reliance of SaaS vendors to provide aggregated reporting on digital marketing - both of these trends are at crisis point in 2012.

Tagging represented a significant breakthrough in measurement data collection, enabling widespread access to Web analytics data throughout the organisation. Unfortunately, real drawbacks to the use of tagging have emerged. Customised...

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Pinterest's monetisation challenges and advantages

Pinterest faces the monetisation challenges that other social platforms encounter. Unlike Facebook’s robust set of traditional demographic and interest information, Pinterest has a collection of artefacts that may have different levels of identification.

When you pin something, the enterprise may know about that product but other enterprises may know nothing, creating a real profiling challenge.

Media dollars follow eyeballs, but they need to understand who those eyeballs belong to and what they view to...

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Everything You Know About Digital Measurement is Wrong

Let's start at the top. The key to successful dashboarding and reporting is finding a small set of site KPIs that are understandable and immediately actionable. Your measurement department has probably delivered exactly that – a small set of key metrics like Site Conversion Rate, Total Visits Trend, Overall Site Satisfaction, etc. all laid out in big numbers with great fonts, pretty colors, big trend arrows and lots of Tufte-inspired whitespace.


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