Buying in Facebook and Twitter: A new data generator

Social media seems to be impacting nearly every aspect of marketing. It allows brands to interact with consumers in a digital space. Feedback and customer service happen in real time. Now, it seems social media may be simplifying the ecommerce channel, giving consumers the ability to make purchases directly in the ads and posts for products they see in their feeds.

Both Facebook and 

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Yo: Is it really that simple?

By Gram Bowsher

Yo: A two letter word with ambiguous origins and typically inconsequential meaning. Or is it not that simple? One of the newest trends in social media and mobile apps has been the rise of the app named after such a seemingly innocuous term. Giving users only the ability to send the word “Yo” to each other, the app has already received $1.2 million in investment and has risen to the number one in the iOS app store.

The fast rise of Yo was quickly followed by an influx of hack attempts, and...

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Listen up: How Beats Audio accelerates innovation to become a billion-dollar business

Did you hear that?  Did you hear the voice of the consumer singing a sweet song about their needs, dreams and desires?  Rapper/producer Dr. Dre and record mogul Jimmy Iovine heard it, and they crafted it into their latest hit:  beats audio.

There’s been a lot of chatter about beats audio in the news recently, with speculation that Apple is planning to purchase the company for $3.2 billion grows louder and louder.  While we may not all agree that this is a smart business decision, we can agree that...

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Doing Lay’s a flavour: Frito-Lay benefits from crowdsourcing

As of January, Lay’s is reviving its Do Us A Flavor promotion in which they ask consumers to cook up original chip flavor ideas. This go-round, in addition to submitting a new flavor, participants have the option to put it on Original, Wavy, or Kettle Cooked Lay’s.

The grand prize for submitting the winning flavor is a million dollars or 1% of the chip’s yearly net sales, whichever is higher. Last year’s winner was a Wisconsin mom,...

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Taco Bell thinks “outside the bun” to create breakthrough innovation

Taco Bell Thinks “Outside the Bun” to Create Breakthrough Innovation

Back when I was in college, professors frowned upon the idea of borrowing the works of others and passing them off as your own (maybe they still do – I don’t know, I’m old).  They called it “cheating,” said it was “wrong” and “unethical.”  Not that I would know any of this first-hand, of course.


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Why creating a social brand can become a differentiator for your bottom line

In the CPG space, we have been trained to believe that there are limited levers a brand can pull during the consumer decision making process. Brands try like crazy to build up brand equity to justify their price premium, while also trying to make you forget you’re paying for it. However, the idea that cutting prices is the easiest way to gain market share haunts us like a song from the 1960s we can’t get out of our heads.

But the times “they are a-changin’”. As consumers become more...

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Google’s Motorola Deal is About Patents Not Innovation

By now you’ve heard that Google’s agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for around $12.5 billion. Google says it plans to run Motorola Mobility as a separate business, and is committed to keeping Android an open platform for other licensees. Android licensees such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and HTC are lightly praising the deal.

As the patent wars really heat up between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, this is perhaps a very smart move by Google to hedge its bets even more. But Google and...

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