Increase Facebook engagement: Get on other platforms too

Facebook is huge.  It is the primary social network for brands and consumers. And with 30million users currently using Facebook in the UK, it is hardly a surprise we have recently seen a lot of talk around this network along with its recent IPO. Facebook is undoubtedly everywhere, even more so with consumers now connecting via mobile and tablet devices which means they can connect anytime from anywhere.

But, what about all the other social networks? In the last year alone we have seen the arrival of...

By Richard Beattie, 24 May 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Data-driven marketing, Social Media Marketing.

The Most Important Thing Brands Should Know About the New Facebook Pages

Now that they have been rolled out, just what do the new Facebook Page changes announced at the Facebook Marketer Conference (fMC) mean for brands and social marketers? Quite a bit actually.

The changes not only affect design and strategy in the management of the brand Pages themselves, but the new opportunities in paid Facebook advertising potentially represent a sea-change in how brands will market on social going forward. Richard Beattie, VP of EMEA at Vitrue explains.

First, the obvious: the new Page is...

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