Social Media World Forum – Day 2 feedback

I was meaning to publish this post on Friday but was distracted by events in Cape Town – which may have been a blessing in disguise as I have been able to reflect on Day 2 of the programme.

The programme on Thursday was packed with case studies from companies like Nike, Deloitte, JSE, Groupon and Associated Magazines to name a few.

It was interesting to see how each business had essentially reached the conclusion that any social...

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Social Media World Forum Africa – Day 1 feedback

It’s been interesting to see how far South African businesses have come with social media and how far they still need to go.

The two brands who impressed me today were Standard Bank and Cell C. Here is why. It’s clear that involvement in social media as brands is forcing each business to go from superficial involvement to an integrated use of social media in the organization. Both businesses are being forced to evolve as a result.

For social media to be used successfully it also needs to impact...

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Social Media for Business – where do we start?

We get asked this question often and it’s a very good one. Many executives know social media is something they need to give attention to, but get overwhelmed and then end up settling for the next best – outsourcing their voice.

With this post we would like to outline what you need to do if you are looking at integrating social media into your daily business operations.

In some recent research by the Altimeter Group entitled 

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Are you missing important updates in your Facebook news feed?

Have you noticed lately that you are missing updates from friends and pages? Awhile back Facebook made some changes to the News feed and in this post we’d like to show you how you can adjust the settings in your news feed so you don’t miss those important updates.

First, while logged into your Facebook profile click on the Home tab, the default setting for the news feed is Top News (this option will only show posts from friends and Pages you interact with the most.)

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What’s the secret to social media business success?

We get asked this a lot – so here it is: you need to be a social business. What that means is that internally the culture of your business must be social, your whole team needs to be comfortable engaging in real-time to accomplish daily tasks.

Social tools can dramatically change how agile your business is and how quickly you can respond to a competitive business environment. Research is piling up that organizations that become internally networked are able to move much faster than competitors who are...

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U2 and the mobile generation

So South Africa hosted U2′s 360 World Tour this past week and it was nothing short of spectacular, with the band breaking an attendance record for their Johannesburg show.

During their performance in Cape Town, Bono asked the crowd to turn on their cellphones to create some magic, the lights dimmed and this was the scene.



Thanks to Alan Hammond of The Skills...

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