The infographic: A viable marketing tool, or meaningless nonsense?

I first wondered about the future of the infographic over three years ago. Every time I logged onto my preferred social network, I was inundated with facts and figures presented to me in an image based format. It’s fair to say that in its infancy, the infographic was an exciting new way for marketers to capture an audience hungry for visual content. Three years ago it seemed as though brands were transforming any words or facts they could into pictures. Anything could go viral, even if it had no...

Cutting to the heart of the chatter: How brands can stand out in social


When it comes to social media, it is of course easy for businesses to use the multiple channels at their disposal for nothing more than pre-scheduled company updates and product offers. Posts of this kind can be dull, repetitive and impersonal, and often get lost amongst the millions of conversations taking place online every day.

Certainly, marketers who are not doing all they can to ‘humanise’ the social experience they provide to customers are missing a trick. Luckily...

By Joel Windels, 12 October 2015, 0 comments. Categories: Branding, Data-driven marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Social intent: Battle of the Christmas ads

Picture credit: Sainsbury's

Christmas is well and truly upon us. In fact, I can almost count down the days on my fingers. From here on in all that is left is a frantic scramble for that one present you forgot and a mad dash around the supermarket to make sure your cupboards are stocked to the absolute brim.

For many of us, the start of the festive season has become intrinsically linked to the airing of the first Christmas advert on TV – an event which seems to be turning into a bigger and bigger deal...

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