No longer an optional extra: Why personalisation and context rules the roost


The last 12 months have been incredibly exciting for digital marketers. The majority of marketers are now fully aware of the importance of customer journeys, the possibilities of data insights and the ever growing need for contexualisation and personalisation.

Marketers now recognise the imperative of omnichannel, contextualised communications with their prospects and customers. The more personalised the experience, the happier...

By Jess Stephens, 02 October 2015, 1 comment. Categories: Branding, Mobile Marketing, Personalised Marketing.

Five ways to make contextual data work for you this Christmas

Picture credit: iStockphoto

Many retailers seem to be oblivious to the role e-commerce and specifically contextual marketing is set to play in Christmas spending this year, with 40% of physical sales digitally influenced and click-and-collect almost doubling to £2.5bn, boosting sales over the festive season to £42.2bn, according to new research by Deloitte.

If you are a retailer, this time of year signals the start of a high-volume, high-stakes opportunity for your business and one in which your...