If print is dead, then how is it serving meals?

With the rise of digital, social, niche, and hyper-local content and reporting, it’s true that “traditional” print publications don’t hold the same command as we’ve known them to have for the past 400 or so years. But to paraphrase the oft used quote “the report of its death was an exaggeration.” 

It seems that for the past five years, ongoing reports of the “death of print media” have made people wonder whether their local paperboy would be going the...

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Did “Call Me Maybe” and social media really change music marketing?

Are social media tactics “upending” the music industry, or are they simply becoming recognised as part of an integrated multi-platform approach to marketing? 

Summer’s pretty much over, but the beat, as they say, goes on.

Don’t think that those summertime music hits (or earworms, depending on your taste...I’m looking at you Gotye) are going away anytime soon. I’ve talked before about what the music industry gets right...

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Let's Get Visual With Social Media

There are plenty of examples of unique ways to use imagery all over the internet, but all businesses are different, so which is right for you? 

With Facebook making their timeline feature permanent for business pages, and Pinterest and Instagram gaining traction in popularity and social influence, now is a good time to explore the ways in which social media is shifting toward a more visual experience and what businesses can – and should – do to take advantage of these new platforms and emerging trends. In...

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