Mobile advertising attitudes: The West vs The Rest

Smartphones and mobile devices have become so pervasive in our daily lives that it’s hard to remember a time without them. As a generation, we have become spoilt for choice when it comes to technology and gadgets. From iPhones to tablets, to Google Glass and the Galaxy Gear smartphone – each device represents a potentially new marketing platform.

But the array of devices we own and use in the West has also meant we have been subject to a massive volume of advertising messages from brands hoping to...

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Countdown to Mobile World Congress begins! #MWC12

In a week’s time mobile gurus and enthusiasts will all be flocking to the Mobile World Capital -Barcelona. For one week only, Barcelona becomes a home to Mobile World Congress (MWC) and to all of the industry’s major players, coming together to share the latest innovations on all things mobile. The mobile channel is one which continues to evolve and develop, transforming the way we connect and communicate. Every year at MWC we are witness to new exciting advancements in this space and this year...

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Digital Marketers: Bring the focus back to the consumer

In the past year, digital marketing has been about the ever-increasing expansion of new technologies at our disposal. Digital marketers have certainly enticed customers using these new channels married with the innovative technology, for example, promotions over Facebook, mobile-optimised emails and personalised mobile offers. Whilst we need to maintain this emphasis on innovation, digital marketers need to bring the focus back to the consumer to increase ROI.

So, across all the digital channels from SMS to...

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