Applying traditional comms thinking in the digital age

The gloomy reports about dwindling newspaper circulations could lead some to believe that traditional media and the journalism that powers it are on the wane. ABC’s readership stats identified an 8.1 per cent drop in February 2014 compared with the same period last year. While this certainly places traditional publications under pressure, the fact is that journalism itself is now being carried...

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Reports of the death of the press release are an exaggeration

There’s been buzz in the PR world that press releases are slowly dying out and are no longer a useful medium for companies.

Some industry commentators argue that journalists have no interest in simply republishing content that’s already been circulated widely and published online because it is no longer newsworthy. Others feel that in today’s world of evolving technology, there are better ways to share company news other than the traditional press release.

Even executives at large corporations have voiced...

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The UK energy Big Six: Why the wrong reputation means the wrong story

The BBC has reported that, according to Ofgem estimates, the UK’s infamous ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers are set to double their profit margins for next year (8%) as compared to a year ago (4%). In a hostile environment (to put it mildly), it’s a headline statistic that’s sure to rankle and makes for yet more bad publicity for an already unpopular group.

In a sense, the raised hackles are understandable: consumers living through a...

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Why there’s so much more to PR than newsjacking for security companies

The technology market place is jam-packed with security companies. And with the NSA revelations fuelling growth and sparking new ideas, both hot new start-ups and established firms are jostling for business and looking to attract mega bucks from investors, writes Aspectus PR’s Sophie Hodgson.

The reason is simple. Unlike the rest of the world, hackers weren’t subject to austerity measures or cost cutting. Indeed,

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Examining the many faces of content marketing for brands

Last Thursday, Aspectus PR headed to the Institute of Education’s Logan Hall near Russell Square in London for the Content Marketing Show. Organised by Kelvin Newman at Rough Agenda, the twice-yearly event examines the good, the bad and the ugly of content marketing in rapid-fire sessions delivered by professionals drawn from across the media industry.

The core theme underpinning the show was the human aspect of social media. Captured succinctly in the form of an

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Wearing thin: Is wearable tech an ethical nightmare for PR and comms professionals?

The CIPR hosted a debate last week at the House of Commons on the implications of wearable technology and how such devices raise ethical concerns around the potential use of the data they provide for marketing and PR purposes. However, these devices pose the same kind of challenges as many current technologies do, argues Aspectus PR’s Garry Dix.

Last Monday saw the CIPR ask whether or not ‘wearable technology is an ethical nightmare for PR, marketing and communication professionals’, with two...

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Sophie Hodgson: Why women in PR need to shout louder

By Sophie Hodgson, Head of Technology, Aspectus PR

Women in business, women in tech, women in PR – the list of ‘awards’ for women is seemingly endless. Am I the only one who finds it all, well, a bit boring?

Aspectus PR

We’re not awarding men and patting them on the back for being male and successful, so why are we doing the same to women? And before you start shouting at your computer, I do get that women in many industries have to fight against the system and tackle a ‘boys club’ that is...

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Facebook breaks communications’ golden rule with study scandal

Facebook’s recently revealed study in ‘emotional contagion’ provoked angry responses from many internet users – and a pending enquiry from the Information Commissioner’s Office.This latest controversy is a clear example of the fractious relationship between websites, their users, and personal information.

The response from the company not only showed a lack of understanding and empathy, but is a textbook example of how not to respond to a crisis, says Aspectus PR’s Garry...

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Wolf of Wall Street howls old school comms in the digital age

“Any publicity is good publicity.” This is perhaps one of the less controversial lines from Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. And while it’s easy to overlook amidst a three-hour epic of debauchery, drugs and dwarf tossing, it’s actually one of the more insightful lines from the movie – from a PR perspective at least.

The line comes from Belfort’s wife in response to a negative story in Forbes about the unethical practices of her husband’s brokerage firm. The phrase is by no...

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How to keep your PR pitch from ending up in the trash

Tips for pitching journalistsA journalist can receive hundreds if not thousands of emails each day. In addition to pitches from PR professionals there are emails from companies promoting their latest products, event invitations and more.

Due to the sheer volume, most will be deleted before they are ever opened, and...

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Sleeping partners: Why the media and PR make excellent bedfellows

World Sleep DayPR professionals need to be close to the media. We need to nurture strong relationships through understanding their needs, thinking like them, acting like them, understanding their pressures.

Well, this is certainly the case here in Asia, but it turns out we may be even closer bedfellows than we thought.

Last week saw 

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Opting for omni-channel: Picking the right platforms for PR

Omni-channel-experienceThe number of social media channels and apps continues to rise exponentially. So, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of hash tags and angry birds.

As we’ve always argued at Aspectus however, the key is to avoid bombarding potential clients with every channel under...

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If I had a million Bitcoins… turning virtual currency into PR gold

BitcoinHistorically, global economies have had multiple forms of currency. Beyond traditional money or cold hard cash, we’ve had the barter system, commodity-backed currencies, and now we have virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin is, “What exactly is it?” 

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