Don’t start a social media bush-fire with your brand

In days gone by most channels of marketing and communications could be controlled by the brand.  Marketers could determine what messages are conveyed, to whom, where and when ensuring their precious brand reputation is kept in-tact.

Enter social media and a whole new tinder dry marketing environment. Power is being transferred to the consumer. They can refer, recommend, vote, score and comment on positively or negatively anything they feel or experience about a product or service.  And the big dose...

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All That Traffic – But Where Are You Diverting It?

In Marketing Week yesterday morning, there was an interesting piece on the diversion of traffic or ‘footfall’ on brand and company websites. There are a growing number of groups who maintain that having your company website as the first port of call is the right and proper way of managing your online branding.

However there are also new factions uprising against this point of view,...

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Engaging Your Audience

Katie Taylor, Social Media and Marketing @ Viapoint

You’ve got a pristine Facebook page, you’ve got an ample number of followers on Twitter, and your blog stats are looking as healthy as a pre-Christmas goose. You’ve made excellent headway in giving your company or organisation a running start at a successful social commerce campaign – but what now?

It’s easy to sit back once the hard work of laying your social media foundations is over and done with, but this is a dangerous...

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Social Commerce: Signs of the Tipping Point

Paul Fennemore

Having met with many major international organisations over the last few weeks about how they are adopting social media, I can see that they have recognised that they stand to gain so much more by making social media strategic.

Up until recently, most firms have been going through the experimental phases of social media adoption, otherwise known as trial and error. However, many brands are setting to make social commerce strategic in 2012.

Nokia are a good example. They have a very courageous...

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Twitter Advice – Trending Topics, Algorithms and a few Helpful Tips

Ever since the conception of Trending Topics, Twitter has long been accused of tampering with them, given the inordinate amount of coverage given to some subjects, while others are ignored or treated with solid indifference. Recently, these concerns have been raised in the direction of the Occupy Wall Street protest which have now spread to cities worldwide.

But how does Twitter regulate Trending Topics – if indeed they do? And how could they be made useful? The truth is, Trending...

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New Analytic Software for an Evolving Social Media

To update Facebook’s Pages, social media marketing company Wildfire have been taken on board to develop a solution to integrate the development of Facebook Insights data with existing Pages analytics. Wildfire previously advised on the development of the Insights system, and plan to incorporate the two to enable companies to find and attract thousands more “fans” via Pages.

Additional features, according to

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Social media Users – Keep their Trust, Keep them Clicking

“If you’re not paying for a service, then you are part of the product,” says Adrian Short of The Guardian today, as Facebook once again reconfigure their multi-billion dollar social networking empire. Taking better advantage of the promotional materials at their disposal, Facebook have begun to roll out a new ‘improved’ version of their well-known site, utilising materials such as intelligent targeted marketing, for which they have become famous.

This sort of targeted marketing...

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Social Commerce is the Long Game

My Definition: “Social commerce is the practice of using social media for commercial purposes”.

The short -term dichotomy

When it comes to using social commerce correctly it takes time and patience to produce results.

Social commerce is about building communities, identifying and generating e-Influencers and in turn increasing advocates. Having done so, sales will start to improve and more customers will be kept, but these strategies take time; you can’t make friends and influence people in...

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Time to get Business-Like with Social Commerce

Paul Fennemore – August 2011. 

Health Warning

Here are some home truths that creative social media marketing people will find outside of their brief, but CEO’s and Operations Directors should take heed of.

A project I ran with Oxford Brookes University that involved interviewing around 30 UK mid to large B2B and B2C organisations, found that those firms who were doing really well with social commerce had a lot in common.

Social Media is not just for Marketing

Social Commerce de-silos...

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