Why students love Coca-Cola’s “Friendly Twist” marketing campaign

Have you seen Coca-Cola's “Friendly Twist” advert?

If not, we recommend you check it out before you read the rest of this article:

Coca-Cola’s effective marketing techniques show how they have cleverly targeted college students by using their product to create new friendships, to help students communicate and interact with their fellow peers.

Good communication is the best solution for anything to be successful, so you need to know

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Why marketing automation is the next phase of CRM

CRM software has been around for 20 years. It has been used to manage customer records and details of communication. Managing prospects has been a key part of the software, and the CRM has been the biggest assistance to the sales cycle. CRM systems like Microsoft’s CRM help companies determine which customers are prospect, and which need more persuading.

Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM related segment in the last five years. Marketing administration and tasks are more...

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