The big barriers to big data for B2B marketers

Metrics. Measurement. ROI

Three little things responsible for marketers across the world waking up in cold sweats at night.

The thing is: being a B2B marketer is not easy at the moment.

Your customers’ buying behaviours are changing, industry experts are shoving social and digital myths down your neck and worst of all your CEO is losing patience with woolly results from marketing campaigns.

Then came along big data. The measurement super hero. Ready and waiting with his team of insight tools, analytics experts and reams of spread sheets to give the answers marketers have been yearning after for so long.

However, as was clear from a recent debate hosted by ABBA and IAB, there’s a sticking point or two that is...

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Social media: B2B gets Pinteresting

The new contender

Pinterest has rapidly shot up the rankings to become a major contender in the social media marketing world, ranked third behind only Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity. B2C marketers have been the quickest to move into this previously uncharted territory by taking advantage of the channel’s emphasis on visual communication.

As a result many B2B marketers have been...

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Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Is this a new direction for social?

Social media. It’s all about sharing. Isn’t it? For the users maybe, but the news this week suggests otherwise – with Twitter and LinkedIn announcing the end of their partnership that started in 2009. The bad news is Twitter has pulled the plug on its Application Programming Interface (API) for LinkedIn – which in simple terms means your Tweets will no longer show as status updates in...

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Social media: It’s a matter of time

Last week the Financial Times ran a special report on digital and social media marketing. The theme was consistent – while there are clearly huge opportunities for marketers, companies are still feeling their way through the dark, windy corridors of Social Media Manor.

As well as being hugely informative, the report struck a chord with us as it mirrored the experience we have seen time and time again. The point is, organisations...

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The epic rise of online video in B2B

From kids biting fingers to customer vox pops, online video today has changed the way people consume and share content online.

The fact is video has become one of the fastest growing content channels in history. YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world with well over two billion searches per day. Amazingly 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. The seismic shift of how information is being consumed and shared online is clear to see.


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Unlocking the content dungeon

As B2B marketers begin to plan for 2012, brows are being furrowed, heads are being scratched and a problem is beginning to rear its ugly head.

“We’ve just not got enough content.”

Or as the more astute marketers are saying: “We’ve just not got enough GOOD content.”

Whilst this is often true, it’s surprising how many businesses  when they start digging, would actually find a rich vein of content – often squirelled away across their business – which...

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This is the week that was: Leo has left the building

It was the week a rogue trader cost the CEO of UBS his job, the Euro-zone crisis continued with the downgrading of Italy’s credit rating and one lucky fellow showed off his new thumb.  And still the wheels of B2B marketing rolled on a pace…

Sliding doors of the week…

…go to HP and the departure of CEO Leo Apotheker just a few days short of his one year anniversary with the business. HP’s stock spiked by almost 10% at the

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This is the week that was: The age of the digital bin man

Another week brings a new plethora of interesting stories to mull over and digest. While the world closed in on Gadaffi and Jeff Bezos learnt the hard way that you should not attempt to build and fly your own space rocket, here in the UK we all realised that the summer that never was is coming to end. Still – for every dark cloud in the sky there is the silver...

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This is the week that was: When Apple lost its core

It was the week where the world played hunt the Libyan dictator, Steve Jobs said a sad farewell to Apple and HP ‘did an IBM’. But whilst Arsenal’s defence slept, the world of B2B marketing was positively thriving.

‘Seismic Shift in Silicon Valley’ of the Week

There were big announcements a plenty as HP made public its plans to sell its PC business,bin the tablets and

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This is the week that was: What of the future generation?

Despite the UK version of Big Brother bringing itself from the murky TV grave and the world economy continuing the get the odd bit of press for its catastrophic turmoil, the age old issue of A level results getting easier and the mad rush for University places dominated the headlines this week.

The up and coming generation of business leaders...

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This is the week that was: When social media showed its good and bad side

This week there was only one thing dominating the news (apart from the small issue of the economy going down the pan) – the streets of London were taken over by baton and Blackberry wielding youngsters, ready to grab whatever they could get their hands on.

Is there anything the world of business, and B2B, could learn from this? Well not a huge amount, apart from of course a slap in the face that social media is truly the mouthpiece of the next generation...

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This is the week that was in B2B: Wobbles a plenty

It was one of those weeks where the world wobbled. The US lost its AAA credit rating, the FTSE100 saw £150bn wiped off the value of its shares and a crisis of confidence struck the Eurozone – again. Thankfully, there was some respite and joy for B2B Marketers – well, those who weren’t crying into their dwindling pension pots.

Infographic of the Week

Holidaying world leaders may have missed it, but not us… the good people at Marketing Sherpa shared the latest findings on how B2B marketers are...

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