Fisku industry figures show how marketers are spending smarter, not bigger


Marketers are investing more upfront in order to reach the right audiences, according to the latest Fiksu Indexes published this week.

The results showed that the cost per loyal user (CPLU) fell in July whilst the cost per install (CPI) rose. The CPLU of $2.98 is a 7% decrease on the previous month and a 51% increase year on year. Meanwhile the CPI increased to $1.43 on iOS, up by 24% since June and up 16% year on year. On the Android platform CPI rose further, up 29% on the previous...

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NewsCred set for aggressive growth after latest funding

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Content marketing and licensing platform NewsCred is to aggressively scale its UK and European options following its latest funding round.

Led by growth equity investor FTV Capital the latest funding, which totals £26.7 million, adds to a total previous funding to date of £28.6 million. The company provides content marketing and licensing for brands that include Barclays, CapGemin and Pepsi as well as being the content marketing and licensing platform for media agency...

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This tool claims unprecedented visibility into web and mobile traffic


7Park Data, which this week announced a $3 million funding deal, has launched Traffic Intelligence, a new tool that it says will allow unprecedented real-time visibility into web and mobile internet traffic.

The tool, which comprises a global panel of more than 100 million consumers from 75 countries will allow tracking of web and mobile internet metrics such as market share, transaction volume, conversion rates and keyword ranks.

It will also allow deep analysis and visibility...

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India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines becoming key targets for mobile advertising


India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines are witnessing explosive growth in smartphone adoption that is making them a key target for mobile advertising, a new report from Opera Mediaworks suggests.

The Q2 APAC State of Mobile Advertising report, which has been produced in conjunction with the MMA, says that smartphone use in the Asia Pacific region in general continues to grow at a pace on par with the rest of the world with page view volume on mobile websites and apps...

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Android email engagement increases while Apple slows


iOS based email usage is slowing across the EU whilst email engagement via Android is increasing according to new research released this week.

Data analysis from email delivery platform SendGrid shows that in the UK although the iPhone still makes up nearly a quarter (24%) of email opens the figure is down 8% on 2014 and despite iPhone opens and clicks  rising overall across the EU by 8%. In Slovakia however year on year use fell by...

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Parenting retail sites failing to maximise marketing potential


As if they didn’t have enough to contend with, new research suggests that many parent, baby and child sites are failing to meet the needs of their digital and mobile savvy parents or parent to be customers and could be losing sales as a result.

The conclusion follows a study by equimedia of 65 leading websites in the mother, baby and child retailer space as well as recent studies and TGI data on the market sector.

The research found a number of sites were, in particular, failing to deliver...

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Six month study shows major retailers failing to make the most from email marketing


Major retailers are failing to capitalise on the opportunities offered by email marketing, a new six month study has found.

The Customer Communications Report 2015, from strategic multichannel consultancy Practicology tracked the email newsletter activity of almost 100 retailers over a six month period and found several areas where big improvements could be made.

Of the 100 well known retailers chosen, Practicology was able to sign up and receive email marketing from 91 of them, without...

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Marketing departments lead the way in big data analysis, report claims


The potential of big data for any business has been talked about for ages – but a new study shows that it is marketing departments within business that are actually making the most of such data as they strive to understand the customer.

The survey, from analysts BARC, showed that a quarter of marketing departments already have big data analysis in use today – a figure that is higher than for any other business department....

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New publisher expansion allows access to 20bn mobile in-app ad impressions per month


Mobile in-app advertising solutions provider Manage has announced an expansion of its relationships with global app publishers which now gives access to 20 million in-app impressions each month across the world.

The expansion means that to date Manage Publisher now has direct supply relationships with more than 100 publishers vetted for a minimum of 100,000 daily active users and 500,000 total downloads. The Manage SDK is used by global scale publishers that include Outfit7 and Banana...

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Fraudulent impressions costing online advertisers nearly £300 million a year


Nearly £300 million a year is being lost by UK advertisers to fraudulent impressions, according to a new report released by Integral Ad Science.

Figures released in its Q2 2015 UK Media Quality Report, which analysed impressions between April and June of this year found that more than one in ten (12.2%) of UK advertising impressions were fraudulent, equating to a total of more than £277 million of adertisers' online budgets.

The figures are supported by figures from a recent...

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How brands are having to spend more to secure loyal app users


Brands are having to up their spend to find loyal users even though app usage continues to increase, suggests the latest figures in the Fiksu Indexes.

The index measures show that in June the cost per loyal user (CPLU) was $3.21 – a rise of 30% on the previous month and 44% year on year.

This coincided with an increase in app downloads of 24% for the previous month according to the Fiksu App Store Competitive Index, which measures the average aggregate daily downloads of the top...

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Expansion of mobile ad platform promises greater user retention and engagement


Mobile advertising specialist Opera Mediaworks has announced a new marketing automation platform aimed at game and app developers that will allow them to improve user retention and engagement as well as allowing them to monetise their mobile properties to their best potential.

The move follows an expansion of the company’s mobile ad platform that will deliver a new marketing engagement platform that has been developed by Yvovler, which recently became a part of Opera Mediaworks....

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Analytics tool claims to be set to revolutionise kiosk marketing


A new kiosk analytics tool could solve the logistical challenges of deploying and managing in-store mobile consumer facing devices, it is claimed.

MokiTouch 2, a kiosk software application from cloud-based software provider Moki, now includes a new Insights analytics component that it is claimed will allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign or instore kiosk placement. The tool will allow the tracking of customer interaction at both aggregate and...

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Only 6% of consumers recall a brand when exposed to it for six seconds or less


The debate over viewability of online video advertising has been thrown into chaos after new research shows that when shown an ad for six seconds or less only 6% of consumers could recall the brand shown. Under the MRC/IAB’s viewability definition an ad needs to simply be at least half in view for at least two seconds.

The study, which was commissioned by Teads from Millward Brown found, unsurprisingly, that viewability was the leading factor in boosting brand effectiveness.


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Android continues to beat iOS for app monetisation


For the second quarter running Android has maintained the lead for app monetisation, according to new figures from Opera Mediaworks.

In its Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising report the company’s figures show that the Android platform captured the most revenue at 47.7% and the most impressions at 63.7% for the second quarter. The figures follow last quarter’s first overtaking of iOS by Android. However the figures showed that again as with the previous quarter iOS...

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Why retailers still need to deliver a more connected experience in-store

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Instore Wi-Fi, tablets and other in-store technology was supposed to revolutionise the customer experience and in many cases it has done just that. But a new report suggests that for some the promise is not being delivered with sales staff still failing to answer customer queries instore meaning a poor experience that leaves the customer dissatisfied.

The report, from communications and network provider Vodat, suggests that many retailers aren’t making the most of the...

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Programmatic advertising moves to podcasts


Programmatic advertising has moved to the podcast world – changing the way that ad space is bought on the podcast format forever.

The move follows the integration of Swedish podcasting app and web service Acast with Triton Digital’s ad exchange a2x. The new partnership will mean that the previous manual process could be a thing of the past.

Acast’s mobile, pre-roll inventory will include categories ranging from film and entertainment to sports, business and...

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New industry partnership looks to increased data-rich programmatic buying

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A first to market opportunity for advertisers and agencies to gain access to real-time deterministic, privacy compliant network operator data has launched, enhancing the ability for brand to produce increasingly targeted and relevant mobile advertising campaigns.

It follows the joining of forces of Smartpipe, a real-time data broker for network operators, and Tamome, a real-time programmatic mobile advertising specialist.

The two are initially working together in the Middle East after...

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New trial proves that direct mail isn’t dead in today’s digital marketing world

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It may seem old school to some but the days of direct mail – marketing by post – could still have its place in the omni-channel world and is increasingly being seen as the key tool for grabbing customer attention.

It does of course make sense that in today’s virtual world of digital marketing dominance and messaging overload that physical mail can have better...

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How mobile is driving the growth of Facebook advertising


Global spend on Facebook advertising has rocketed by 114% year on year for the second quarter of this year according to new data from Kenshoo.

The growth is twice as fast as a year ago as the market continues to grow with mobile phone and tablet ad spend up by 167% year on year and now accounting for 63% of total paid Facebook budgets. The figure is up from 51% the year before.  

The research also showed an increase in paid search for the quarter, up 10% year on year. In this sector...