Why marketers must respect the boundaries between different types of content


Content marketing, advertorial or traditional journalism? While marketers may know the subtleties of each, for the humble reader the difference between the three types of content can be much less obvious. Try to fool the reader into thinking they are consuming a piece of content that is entirely objective however and they can be left feeling cheated and distrustful of the brand in question.

It is largely for this reason that at the end of last month the Internet Advertising Bureau...

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Marketers need to do more to deliver holistic customer journey approach


Marketers need to better integrate their marketing tech if they want to better deliver on a holistic customer journey approach to their marketing, according to a new whitepaper from Yieldr.

The approach is needed if they are to be successful since consumers are making more informed decisions and consulting more sources through more channels than ever. And yet some companies fail to do enough, the company claims. “Incorporating a DMP (data management platform) into your...

How social media has become increasingly integral to content marketing strategy


The use of social media within content marketing strategies is set for a rapid increase according to new research from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) which says that 80% of companies plan to increase its use with nearly half  (47%) looking to increase use by up to 50%.

This is set to lead to increased investment as a result, with three quarters planning to invest more in owned social media as part of its growth within their businesses.

The conclusions are from a study of...

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Understanding online behaviour key to making the most of digital marketing investment


When trying to understand where to put digital marketing investment and budget, it is crucial to understand which route to market is the most effective for your customer base since you don’t want to be wasting investment on a path your customers don’t often tread.

A new study by TextMaster and Similar Web suggests that when broken down by country direct traffic dominates over other methods of accessing brands such as search, referral or social with direct traffic the...

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Technology and automotive firms dominate latest brand rankings


Understanding what makes your brand stand out from the rest is the crucial element of a marketer’s job since they can then exploit those strengths in full. The latest version of the Best Global Brands report from Interbrand therefore provides valuable insight – both into the performance of great brands themselves but also learnings that peers can take from the best too.

The latest version of the report, which identifies and ranks the 100 most valuable brands, shows that

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Why marketers need to get more visual in a world of data overload


In a world of data overload, the stress of trying to wade through all the information we are inundated on an everyday basis as consumers can be overwhelming. And it’s a big problem. New research by Esri UK suggests that more than a third of Brits feel stressed daily thanks to the amount of data that they receive.

And much of it is thanks to irrelevant marketing communications and spam email – a cause of stress by data overload for nearly half of all Brits (47%). The study,...

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Adobe aims to deliver new levels of personalised, data-driven ad buying


Adobe has announced the rollout of what it claims is the industry’s most advanced global programmatic advertising platform for advertisers and media publishers, using Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

The solution will, the company claims, deliver new levels of personalised, transparent, data driven and efficient ad buying and delivery.

Using Adobe Media Optimizer advertisers are able to take direct control of automated ad buying for...

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How programmatic is taking centre stage in digital advertising


It’s only five years since but a quarter of the global advertising ecosystem thought programmatic advertising was of any importance at all. Today it has become a marketing technology that more than a third (37%) believe will be the dominant force in digital advertising in the years to come and a further 55% believe will be very important, with only 8% of people believing programmatic will have only a small role to play in the future.

The figures, from Reaching Full Potential...

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Employees are more social-savvy than we think – but are hindered by bad tools

Picture credit: Flickr/Jason Howie

Getting employees to push company content by sharing it through social media can often be a struggle for marketing departments but new research suggests that employees may actually be more engaged than many assume, although they aren’t necessarily being given the right tools to do so.

A survey by employee advocacy and social selling business Trapit showed that three quarters of respondents appreciated that there was some sort of business benefit to sharing content on...

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Poor content marketing and one in three customers will move, tech brands warned


The value of good quality content marketing is important in all industries but in the technology industry brands risk more than a third of their customers (34%) switching to a competitor if the content they produce falls in quality.

As well as risking customer migration to competitors such brands would also face brand harm, according to a new study by content marketing platform NewsCred. The study showed that low quality or infrequently published content would prompt more than a...

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Facebook retargeting delivering continued improvement and reduced costs for marketers

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Three years after retargeting became possible on Facebook Exchange the social media network continues to thrive when it comes to retargeting campaigns, with a 31% increase in average spend per advertising on the channel.

The results come from the analysis by AdRoll of more than 55,000 campaigns, which served 37 billion impressions worldwide between July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 in its Facebook by Numbers report.

Spend is largely increasing thanks to the benefits advertisers are...

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Case study: LuckyFish Games wins big with Facebook Custom Audience Campaigns


Finding the killer retention marketing channel is the dream of any marketer but last year retention automation platform Optimove claimed it had just done just that after its integration with Facebook Custom Audiences. And results since from a partnership with casino games developer LuckyFish Games shows just how powerful such an alliance can be, the company claims.

By integrating Facebook Custom Audiences Optimove claims LuckyFish games was able to run highly effective player marketing...

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YouTube data addition improves Lithium’s Klout


Lithium Technologies has furthered the reach of its online influence measurement system Klout with the addition of YouTube data to the mix. The move comes a year after Lithium’s purchase of Klout for a reported $200 million.  

The Klout Score system allows individuals and brands to gauge and track their impact on social channels which now includes nine different networks on the system – including Facebook, Twitter, Google+...

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Mobile messaging vital for customer engagement and marketing


Mobile messaging still provides one of the most effective channels for marketing compared to email, new research has revealed. As such enterprises are increasingly using mobile messaging in order to improve customer engagement, the study found.

The report, Why Enterprises Use Mobile Messaging, from enterprise mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket, pulls together data from OpenMarket research and independent mobile technology...

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Data management platforms becoming marketers' tool of choice


Data management platforms (DMPs) are becoming the marketers’ tool of choice according to new research from Oracle Marketing Cloud and ExchangeWire.

Their study show that DMPs are becoming an essential tool – rather than an early adopter advantage – for marketers who want to better organise, make sense of and activate their data. The research showed that almost three quarters (73%) of those surveyed said that their awareness and knowledge of the benefits of DMPs was...

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SAP claims to reinvent CRM with new product portfolio launch

Picture credit: Flickr/Marc Smith

SAP has this week announced plans to unveil a new portfolio of SAP hybris tools that it claims will help businesses transform their customer relationships through simpler and yet more detailed connectivity to the customer.

The first of the trio of new products, SAP hybris Profile Solution, will the company claims, allow all customer interactions, contexts and behaviours to be captured to then create a continually evolving and dynamic profile of the customer that will allow businesses to...

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How data-driven advertising is set to become more accurate


Data-driven advertising is set to get more accurate than ever with the launch of a new tool from AdRoll, the company claims.

The new functionality allows brands to target new users from a data pool with similar behavioural patterns to a company’s existing customers. The AdRoll Prospecting platform works by pooling first-party data from more than 300 advertisers who have opted in to the scheme across the UK and Europe. By...

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The CMO priority list for 2020: Data analytics, content and omnichannel

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Marketers have revealed their top priorities as they develop their businesses and new strategies over the next five years in a new report launched this week.

The report, “Media2020: Preparing for a Very Different Media Ecosystem, looks at how companies are organising themselves to meet the challenges their businesses and industries faces over the next five years as the media ecosystem continues to change at rapid pace.

The survey, of senior marketing and media decision makers, has been...

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Instagram gets serious on ads: Best practices and early performance data revealed


In the week that Instagram announced the rollout of ad functionality on its platform across the globe by the end of this month, agile marketing software provider Kenshoo has revealed what it says is best practice about what works on the platform in terms of advertising.

The company has analysed 25 active campaigns managed through its technology on Instagram to provide campaign measurements and learnings that it believes will help advertisers better target campaigns on the platform.

The performance...

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Retailers expected to spend $2.5 billion on IoT by 2020


While it’s pretty obvious that the Internet of Things (IoT) offers huge opportunities for marketers, new data from Juniper Research suggests that retailers are set to spend around $2.5 billlion on the technology by 2020. The figure would mean a four-fold increase in spend in the technology within five years from this year’s estimated $670 million investment.

Retailers are set to invest in both hardware and installation of IoT enabled technology which can include anything...

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