Why a great online journey is vital in a world where human contact is rejected

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Buying financial services, utilities, or car insurance can be a complicated task where the assistance of a human is preferred right? Wrong. A new survey shows that when making such purchases only one in five (21%) prefer speaking to a provider in person, rather than doing it themselves online.

The research, by Experian, suggests that the vast majority of customers favour online transactions despite the complexity of the products they are buying. The rate is at its highest in car...

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How better management of digital assets is key for marketers in 2016


For marketers managing their digital marketing assets is no easy task. Storage and distribution are key and yet can cause some of the biggest pain points, according to a new survey released this week by North Plains.

With a survey base of whom just under half were in the financial services sector the study showed that nearly three quarters of respondents (70%) cited digital asset management (DAM) as extremely or very important.

Half of those surveyed were researching DAM systems; a third...

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Digital ad fraud set to cost $7 billion globally


Despite an industry that is working hard to tackle ad fraud advertisers are still expected to lose an estimated $7.2 billion globally this year thanks to fraudulent impressions or bots.

The claims are part of the latest study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and online fraud mitigation for digital advertising specialist White Ops.

The study shows that fraud levels are relatively unchanged compared to last year.  However although bot volumes have remained steady...

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Software firm claims first cookieless programmatic ad platform


It is a problem that has plagued digital media – the fact that when websites are viewed through apps rather than a browser cookies just don’t work.

Whilst that can be great for the user for the publishers and advertisers that use cookies to ensure advertising is targeted it isn’t good news.

As an attempt to solve the problem this week has seen the launch of what is claimed to be the first cookieless management and programmatic advertising platform that works...

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Case study: A new brand identity for fintech company launch


Creative marketing agency Brand & Deliver has created the brand identity for Pariti, a new financial service that has publicly launched this month after being in beta for a year.

Pariti is a money management app which sets users a manageable weekly spending target by connecting securely to the user’s bank accounts and credit cards to detect and forecast upcoming income and bills.

The brand identity features a bright, fresh colour palette coupled with a flying dot which is meant...

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Half of marketers buying mobile inventory programmatically don’t understand it


A new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that half of those marketers doing mobile advertising are buying mobile inventory programmatically. That means they must know all about the discipline then, surely? Yet infact the study suggests nearly half of those don’t – with 44% admitting that they have either no or little knowledge of the discipline.

The study, carried out in December 2015, looked at advertisers understanding, use and opinions of mobile...

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How wearables are an increasingly important channel in the buying process


In today’s omnichannel world the channels through which customers can purchase is greater than ever, but a study suggests that wearable tech may be having a greater impact on buying than previously believed.

The study of 2,000 consumers suggested that wearables are now a crucial buying platform with owners using them for all stages of the buying journey. This breaks down as 66% using them in the pre-purchase stages, 58% in the purchase stages and 58% in the post-purchase...

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Personalisation specialist Blueshift secures $8 million funding


Marketing personalisation specialist Blueshift has secured an $8 million Series A round of venture financing that will enable it to accelerate the development of its marketing automation solutions.

As well as driving sales and marketing the investment will also be used to allow Blueshift to build out its proprietary Interaction Graph platform.

The platform powers Blueshift’s Segment-of-One marketing automation solutions. The Interaction Graph stores each user’s stream of...

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AccuWeather.com achieves 300% increase in video views after revamp


Global weather information and digital media provider AccuWeather.com has achieved a 300% increase in video views over the previous year after revamping its video offer to customers.

The company works with video cloud services provider Brightcove to supply breaking updates, local forecasts, on-the-scene coverage and user generated content via its AccuWeather.com Video Wall which has been built by Brightcove to make it easier to search, view and share videos through the site.

As well as...

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Lithium adds new features to Community Health Index


Lithium Technologies has expanded its analytics portfolio with the addition of two new features to its Community Health Index.

The first, Value Analytics, pulls data from brands’ communities to provide marketing and service/support data such as Net Promotor ScoreSM, customer satisfaction and call deflection to enable companies to then ensure that their communities are driving actual business results.

The second feature, Lithium Cohort Benchmarking, allows brands to benchmark...

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Greggs delivers first phase of major business transformation


Bakers Greggs is undergoing a major business transformation programme as it seeks to compete more effectively in the fast-moving food on the go market and reinvent its brand, and is implementing a new technology platform to manage it.

The company has selected enterprise technology specialist Keytree as its SAP Systems Integrator for the first two phases of the transformation programme built on SAP HANA.  

Keytree has implemented Greggs’ Customer Interaction Centre in the first phase...

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How Canada is making good strides in interest based advertising


Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) has released a new report highlighting how companies taking part in the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) AdChoices program for online interest based advertising (IBA) have implemented the main principles.

Overall compliance to the AdChoices program was strong according to the report with nearly three quarters of website operators (72%) using the AdChoices icon to show their use of IBA.

The Canadian AdChoices program was developed by the DAAC...

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Third of marketers don’t believe social media is important

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Nearly a third of respondents to a new survey by The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) said that they don’t believe that social media plays an important role in the marketing function, proving that the discipline still has some maturing to do.

The study of behaviour and attitudes towards social media amongst 180 agencies and brands for the IAB by ICM Research showed that as...

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Bluetooth low-energy beacons to go mainstream next year

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Their potential has long been touted, but a new report says that 2016 will finally be the year that Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons hit the mainstream. 

ABI Research is tracking the BLE beacon contract and shipment data across more than 20 verticals – through its new research division BLE Beacon Technologies and Services. It says that a strong third quarter or shipments in...

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Social commerce tops marketing trends for 2016

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With 2016 now just weeks away, marketers are turning their attention to new year planning with a new study revealing the biggest trends and anxieties marketers will face in the coming year – with social commerce topping the list.

The study of 100 UK marketers by digital marketing agency Greenlight, suggests that more than half of marketers (52%) believe that social commerce...

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Digital advertising accounts for half of UK ad spend

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Digital advertising spend will hit £8 billion in the UK this year – or roughly half of all advertising spend, according to new research from Strategy Analytics. By 2018, it is expected to account for around 56% of the market in the UK.  

The sector is growing quickly with mobile, social media and video advertising proving the most popular and digital...

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Three key reasons for non ad viewability revealed as new tool launches

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European ad verification specialist Meetrics has launched a new tool that it claims will help buyers and sellers of online ads to see why they aren’t viewable, and identify three main reasons why. The IAB and Media Ratings Council both define an ad being viewable if half of the ad is in view for at least one second.

Meetrics’ research claims that initial data from...

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How the media agency is reinventing itself in the digital age


There are many sectors and businesses that have seen huge change in the digital age but probably one of the most dramatic changes comes in the world of marketing where digital marketing and advertising technology is now the norm.

The effect that is happening on media agency models, and the staff that they employ, is huge. According to a new survey of 200 UK media agencies by AdRoll 86% of UK media agencies have now evolved their businesses to reflect the influence of advertising technology on their...

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Smarsh and Hootsuite alliance aims to help marketers keep better track of social content


Those struggling with keeping track of their published social media content are likely to welcome a new partnership between archive platform provider for compliance and e-discovery Smarsh and social media management platform Hootsuite.

Users of Hootsuite – who currently total more than 10 million – are able to retain and supervise all their content using The Archiving Platform from Smarsh. As well as supporting communication channels such as email the tool works across a...

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Gartner: From digital marketing to marketing in a digital world


It's a trend you would have to be blind to have not realised – but a new report from Gartner says that digital marketing has now gone mainstream with 98% of marketers saying the world of online and offline marketing are merging.

It may be an obvious statement but it points to a bigger trend - that marketing in the digital age is now the norm and that marketing departments are having to reinvent themselves as a result. “This is a distinction from digital marketing...

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