Rakuten Marketing launches into social advertising with latest acquisition


Omnichannel marketing specialist Rakuten Marketing has acquired product intelligence company Manifest Commerce, allowing it to improve its offering in the social advertising arena.

The Manifest Commerce product offering, developed by the San Francisco-based firm, encourages product discovery by using its predictive marketing and optimisation engines to introduce new products to relevant audience segments. The technology works by automatically selecting likely to perform products from a...

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How video marketing opportunities are opening up for smaller businesses


Harnessing the power of video for marketing is a challenge for any business, but for small to medium sized businesses more limited on resources, it can be even more daunting, with costs high and producing high-end video complex.

However smart video storytelling application Magisto claims to be changing that with the extension of its platform to enable smaller businesses to more easily use video as part of their marketing mix.

The company has introduced user interactivity into its patented...

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IndoorAtlas working with Yahoo Japan for greater location based marketing

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Location based marketing is proving a hugely powerful tool for marketers but its reliance on Wi-Fi and, or, beacon technology can prove expensive in large scale operations where volume is required. Finnish startup IndoorAtlas is aiming to change that and at Mobile World Congress this week announced another major partner to be using its services – Yahoo Japan.

The startup’s indoor mapping technology uses magnetic positioning inside a building to help determine the...

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xAd claims to launch first buying and selling platform of marketing locations


MWC Continuing the location theme of this year’s MWC xAd chose the show to launch what it claims is the first ever platform to allow brands to see real-world footfall in-store and across their high street competitors.

Its self serve MarketPlace platform allows for real-time, location-based campaign planning, buying and reporting – enabling marketers to use such location data to ensure creative, relevant campaigns are delivered at the point that they will have the biggest impact...

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Why mobile marketing strategies must focus on cross-device behaviour


Brands and retailers must invest in a mobile marketing strategy that meets the needs of consumers and what they want across all devices if they are to be successful this year.

The Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report from Criteo showed that in the last quarter of 2015 mobile transactions grew 15% on the year before and made up 30% of all ecommerce transactions.

The study showed that smartphones are becoming the mobile purchase device of choice, accounting for the majority of mobile...

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Bloody well right: Would you open an email with a swear word in the subject?


If a new report from email service platform Mailjet is to be believed, then more than a quarter of Brits will open an email that has a swear word in the subject line.

The study showed that 27% of emails with a swear word in would be opened by Brits. When compared to the average open rate of emails sent to the same distribution list with swear words included then the open rate increased by 28.6%.

Softer, old-fashioned swear words such as ‘Gordon Bennett’ and ‘numpty’...

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Brands warned: Deliver more relevant mobile advertising or lose engagement


Mobile advertising has long been in a tricky position – advertisers love it since it delivers the message on the go directly into the consumers’ hands but consumers often view it as intrusive, annoying and overpowering. Getting the right mobile advertising strategy is critical – especially since a new report suggests the need for advertisers to deliver more creative and relevant mobile advertising is more important than ever. Those advertisers that fail to take...

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How the industry still needs to invest more in personalisation


We already know that personalisation is key to help boost sales, loyalty and conversion for brands –  and yet a new study says companies across industries still aren’t investing enough in the personalisation strategies that customers are calling for.

The global, cross-industry study suggests that more than three quarters (78%) of consumers say that personalised promotions persuade them to buy products and services they have bought before whilst a similar proportion...

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Mobile ad provider Widespace secures record £12m funding

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Swedish mobile advertising company Widespace has secured a 15.8 million Euro (£12.2m) growth capital investment that it will use to both solidify its position in Europe and to expand into new markets.

The new round of investment is the company’s largest yet and will allow it to invest further in what is sees as being key areas of technology – including automation and visualisation of data.

The company’s predictive technology helps to ensure that the right ad...

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MediaCom looks towards emotion measurement technology for clients


Understanding the emotional impact of content is tough – but with emotion one of the strongest forms of engagement is obviously hugely important. The news that MediaCom has entered into a global partnership with Realeyes means that the impact of emotion will be assessed even more fully.

The agency claims to be the first media agency to have entered into this sort of partnership which will see it using the Realeyes platform for all its content testing and media planning to enable it...

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Good news, bad news: Click through rates on the up – but viewability down


Advertisers saw increased click-through rates across Google display ads and Facebook News Feed ads in the last quarter of 2015 according to the Q4 2015 Digital Advertising Report from Adobe, while a report from Meetrics argues viewability of ads is down.

The study showed that Google is starting to close the display gap on Facebook. The latter saw CTR up by 36% for display ads compared to the same quarter the year before. Google’s CTRs meanwhile are up 27% year on...

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Why the Super Bowl represents a great example of ‘moment marketing’ for brands

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The Super Bowl just gone may be the biggest and most expensive ever in terms of advertising spend but new research has revealed brands’ plans to “ad-jack” the event, taking advantage of customers second screening during the game.

For the Super Bowl itself, costs are a staggering $5 million per 30 second television advertisement. On average, 87% of consumers second screen whilst watching TV and, whilst this figure may not be as high during the game itself,...

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Why brands are failing to maximise the potential of video for advertising


Videos will account for half of all internet traffic by 2019 and yet many brands are still not doing enough to maximise their potential as an advertising medium, according to a new report from L2.

This is particularly true in the fashion industry where only a handful of brands take advantage of mobile video advertising opportunities according to L2.

The study showed that video ad spend is predicted to grow by 22% per year over the next five years – particularly on mobile where...

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Customer satisfaction is on the increase – but priorities shift


Blue Monday may have come and gone, but customers are currently at their happiest since this time last year, according to a new report from the Institute of Customer Service. It says that customers are more satisfied than at any point since January 2014.

The results are from the annual UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), which is based on the views of 10,000 UK consumers.

Amazon, which was second place last year, now tops the Index with Utility Warehouse – a new entrant to the...

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Beating the ad blockers: Why education and change is key


It’s one of the biggest problems facing the digital advertising industry today with nearly one in five (18%) of UK consumers using ad blockers according to the IAB. But are we any nearer to addressing consumers’ preference to install them – or to teach them about why they are a bad thing?  

Data from GlobalWebIndex released this week shows that ad blocking on users’ main computers has seen a 10% rise to 38% in the last quarter of 2015 after previously...

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Mobile search victorious in digital for UK retail over Christmas


Digital prevailed in retail, particularly in the last quarter of 2015, according to the latest figures from the BRC-Google Online Retail Monitor Q4 2015 released earlier this week.

The figures showed that the internet played a pivotal role in driving sales for UK retailers with mobile the key devices in enabling this. Martjin Bertisen, retail director for Google said the dominance of mobile was obvious. “Over half of searches came from mobiles during peak periods and our retailers...

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How concerns over data privacy are stopping half of UK consumers sharing

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Personalised marketing, closer communication and more targeted advertising relies on it; yet a new survey shows that security fears are stopping half of UK consumers sharing the personal data required.

The study, which surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults, found that nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) were concerned about the level of protection given to the information they share and more worryingly more than half (56%) said that they planned to reclaim access to their...

Is the adtech industry facing slowdown or just consolidation?


The growth of the adtech industry has been huge, but the news that the last quarter of 2015 saw a slowdown in hiring by adtech firms as firms looked to save cash, according to LinkedIn data analysed by Pivotal Data, suggested that growth could be coming to an end in its current form.

The man behind the research, Pivotal Research senior analyst Brian Wieser, admits even he isn’t sure of the reason behind the apparent hiring slowdown, but it seems some sort of change is inevitable...

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Social advertising rises 50% in final quarter of 2015


Spend on social advertising rose 50% in the last quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year as the maturation of the market and its offerings prompted huge growth.

The figures are based on Kenshoo’s analysis of more than 550 billion impressions, 11 billion clicks and $6 billion in advertiser spend made through its Infinity Suite, and show that social ad spend was fuelled by a number of changes in the market. These included the introduction of new ad types such as...

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Is a machine-led approach to marketing right for everyone?


The seemingly simple concept of improving the customer journey is one that’s often enough to strike fear into a marketer’s heart. How do you improve the voyage for a consumer that is often consuming across channels, devices and brands and for whom experience is key?

Getting your messaging and tone right is crucial, but in situations where you are removed from the consumer can be tough. Retailers have long focussed on the importance of improving the consumer journey but in...

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