Why marketers are still struggling to measure the ROI of content


Marketers are still struggling with both measuring the impact of content and in personalising content, according to a new report from Rapt Media.

The report, The future of Content: Measuring Content Performance, showed that more than half (59%) of the 500 marketers surveyed said that gaining deeper insights is their biggest concern when investing in content.

Similarly 60% said that they were unable to measure ROI on the content that they produce.

The desire to measure is there however...

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SMEs see digital marketing is important – yet don’t practice what they preach


More than three quarters (82%) of small businesses believe that digital marketing is critical to success and yet most don’t actually yet use the channel to drive their business, according to a new survey by research firm Clutch.

The survey showed that only 27% had begun a digital marketing strategy prior to 2015 and 17% began last year.

The survey showed that two key reasons held back small businesses’ adoption of digital marketing. They included the associated expense and...

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Why marketers need to do more to target high value app users


If you knew that only 17% of your customers generated 85% of your revenue you’d want to find them wouldn’t you? That’s the challenge facing marketers after analysis of app usage on more than 100 million smartphones and tablets by RadiumOne showed that although making up only 17% of the audience high value users actually generated 85% of app revenue.

The State of Mobile Acquisition report defined high value users within apps as those who have generated revenue in the last...

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Salesforce state of marketing report: Customer experience and engagement key

Picture credit: Salesforce

Marketers are now using customer satisfaction and customer engagement as their top measures for success, according to a new report from Salesforce released this week.

The Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing report, which was based on a survey of 4,000 marketers globally, also found that nearly two thirds (65%) of marketers have adopted a customer journey strategy as they increasingly realise the importance of customer journeys to successful strategies. 88% said that a customer...

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Why luxury brands are missing out on maximum ROI from online and offline

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Luxury brands are missing out on maximising sales by better combining both online and offline shopping behaviours of their customers, according to a new report.

Online retail is a market that luxury retailers have long feared since they are less able to control and maximise the brand experience in the same way that they are able to in their physical store environments. And yet the report shows that consumers buying luxury brands both online and instore actually spend around 50% more...

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New Adobe Marketing Cloud cross device network to enable “people-based marketing”


With customers browsing across devices, the challenge of consistently marketing to them whatever device they are using is one of the biggest to currently face the industry.  Consumers want a seamless transition between devices but with current technology focused on recognising devices rather than the people using them (unless they log-in to a site) it’s been hard to join up. A new report from Adobe published this week shows that 79% of people – and 90% of...

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Web browsing behaviour on tablets remains stable – but smartphones still dominate

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The share of tablet based mobile web traffic is stabilising, according to a new report from DeviceAtlas.

Although sales of tablets are on the decline it says that the share of tablet traffic appears to be stable, according to its web browsing statitiscs which measured phone and tablet traffic in the last quarter of 2015.

However the analysis showed that it’s smartphones that continue to dominate browsing behaviour at around four times the levels of tablet traffic for most...

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Why marketers need to clean up their act on customer data


Businesses are wasting their marketing efforts and need to do more to understand and manage their customer data if they want to be truly successful, according to a new report from Royal Mail Data Services. The survey showed that 70% of organisations were holding out of date or incomplete data about their customers leading to largely ineffective marketing attempts.

In an age where businesses are trying to capture details of their customers across all channels the survey, undertaken in...

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Marketers continue to miss out on email revenue opportunities


Nearly 40% of senior marketers are missing out on the revenue opportunities of transactional emails – despite the open rates for automated responsive emails being nearly 25% higher than normal marketing emails, with average open rates of 40% compared to 15% for standard marketing emails.

The research, from email provider Mailjet, showed that 38% of senior marketers aren’t generating revenue from automated emails whilst an additional 20% didn’t know if such emails were...

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This product claims to be the first fully automated video ad delivery platform


Global ad delivery and automated workflow company Group IMD has launched what it claims is the industry’s first fully automated video ad delivery platform – cutting the time it takes to approve a video ad to around a sixth of the time it took before.

The automated process replaces the previous matching of orders and manual quality control of video ads before they are sent off to mainstream broadcasters and digital publishers.

The new fully automated, cloud native platform, IMD...

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Half of US small businesses failing to use SEO, survey finds


It’s one of the most fundamental eCommerce marketing tools in the book and yet a new report finds that half of small businesses’ websites in the US do not engage in SEO, reducing their chances of being found by potential customers. The survey also showed that of those small businesses surveyed only just over half (54%) had a website in the first place.

The report, from a small business digital marketing survey by Clutch, shows that cost was one of the main reasons why...

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Early studies show increase in AdWords CTR after Google drops right-side ads


The change may be relatively new, but research suggests that the CTR of Google Adwords has improved as a result of a repositioning of ads on the platform.

Since mid February Google stopped showing ads on the right hand side of desktop search results, moving instead to showing a fourth ad above the organic search results and up to three ads at the bottom of the page below the organic results.

Analysis from a two-week study of the impact of the change, shows that as a result click through...

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Marketing moving ahead of IT in software spend decision making


It used to be the domain of the IT manager, but new research suggests that two thirds of marketing managers are now making the call on purchasing new marketing software.

The study, by digital transformation business Squiz, seems to show that both marketing manager and IT manager agree that the shift in decision making has needed to happen with only 45% saying that they believed that such a purchase decision lay with the IT manager.

When it comes to where marketers are investing, the...

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Why app owners and brands are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity


Brands are missing out on app traffic, engagement and conversions simply by failing to let content from their apps show up in Google’s organic search results.

The claim follows research by search and content performance company Searchmetrics which showed that less than a third of iOS and Android apps are able to support Google app indexing (deep linking).

The company studied 100 of the most visible websites in Google US searches and found that 84% offer an Android app. However only...

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SugarCRM looks to natural language processing in latest acquisition


With personalised content one of the driving forces of marketing focus today, the challenge is in identifying what will work best for different individuals.

Customer relationship specialist SugarCRM is hoping that its latest acquisition will enable people to make such decisions more easily. The company, which has made a number of acquisitions recently, has acquired the intellectual property rights and other assets of natural language processing (NLP) platform Contastic. The platform is...

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Brands still failing to respond to online customer queries well enough


In the world of the always-on consumer it’s expected that brands and companies react just as quickly – especially when it comes to customer queries. But a new survey shows companies are still failing on this.

Although brands performed better at responding to customer service queries via social media than email, rates were still low with UK brands answering 48% of queries on Twitter and 44% via Facebook. This compared to UK brands answering only 38% of questions via...

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Why senior leaders need to do more to embrace marketing and brand values


Business leaders need to do much more to get the most out of their brand with marketers frustrated at their bosses’ failure to maximise their brand efforts, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Releasing its Brand Experience report at the CIM Brand Summit this week the report showed that two-thirds (67%) of marketers believe that senior leaders fail to gain the maximum value from their brand by failing to embed brand values throughout their...

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Ad blocking continues to rise – but users understanding why they shouldn’t block


Users are proving more intolerant of online ads than ever with the number of British adults using online ad blockers rising from 18% in October to 22% now. However, they are also more likely to turn their ad blockers off if websites told them it was the only way to access such content – indicating perhaps that the message that ads are needed to support free content may be getting through.

The results come from the latest UK Ad Blocking Report, conducted online by YouGov, for the...

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Marketers not focusing enough on content creation technology, research argues


Marketers are focusing too much on content distribution and management rather than better content creation technology, according to a new survey.

In a study of marketing creatives by interactive video technology company Rapt Media respondents were asked about the challenges, priorities and technology investments that they faced when it comes to the evolving content marketing ecosystem. It also looked at whether measurement of the content they produce was a priority for them.

The results...

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Marketers seeing programmatic advertising ROI beating traditional media


The ROI of traditional media is being beaten by that of programmatic advertising, according to a new survey from AdRoll.

The company’s State of the Industry UK 2016 report showed that 61% of marketers said that programmatic ads provided a greater ROI than traditional media with programmatic also continuing to dominate UK media consumption.

Nearly half (45%) of marketers said they planned to increase their spending on programmatic ad budgets this year. They are also buying...

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