Digital spend highest in seven years, argues IAB


Digital ad spend grew at the fastest rate for seven years with UK digital ad spend up 16.4% to more than £8.6 billion, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital Adspend report, conducted by PwC.

The rise is the highest since a 17.1% rise in 2008 and follows a 12% increase in the number of internet-enabled devices in each household. The report claims this now stands to 8.3 per household with connected TVs seeing the biggest rise in ownership at 27%. Smartphones...

Newly announced Facebook tools raising login rates and advertising revenues


New tools announced by Facebook last month are already leading to higher login rates and increased advertising revenue claims Chinese partner Android developer Apus Group.

Ahead of the announcement of the new tools at Facebook’s F8 developer conference earlier in April, Apus trialled Facebook’s new Account Kit and Analytics Push tools by integrating them into its account management and user profile tool APUS ME, which gives users an improved experience when using Facebook to...

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Consumer generated content driving sales, conversion and order values

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Half of retailers and 91% of brands plan to increase their use of consumer generated content (CGC) across the consumer journey in the next twelve months, according to a report from Bazaarvoice.

It found that revenue increased by 106% on retail sites when users see CGC before purchase and by 75% on brand websites. Average order value increased by 10% on retail sites and 8% on brand websites and conversion increased by 97% for retailers and 78% for brands.

The figures comes...

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Meltwater takes aim at making PR more targeted with new database


Media intelligence agency Meltwater has launched a new Influencer Contacts Database, featuring more than 350,000 international media contacts across 23 countries, 28,000 of whom are based in the UK and Ireland.

The database allows users to search by publication, journalist, channel, job role or keywords and comes as figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the number of PR professionals has risen by nearly 50% in the last two years.

The increase comes as the number of...

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New report shows huge increase in social advertising spend


Social advertising spend is growing rapidly, according to a new report which shows that marketers spent 86% more year on year in the first quarter of 2016. The growth was driven particularly by a 122% rise in mobile ad spend.

An increase in spend on Instagram ads and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads also helped to drive the increase – a trend that goes against the normal seasonal ad buying patterns.

The figures, compiled by Kenshoo, showed that in paid search advertising spend rose 13%...

How Twitter users are becoming excited about the benefits of virtual reality


It may have seen a false start with the likes of Google Glass but virtual reality is set for a revival if a recent analysis of Twitter conversations about the technology is to be believed.

Between February and April Brandwatch used its platform to track 120,000 tweets over two months about the technology. It found that of these conversations the majority (85%) were positive. Only 16% were negative.

Oculus and its Rift VR headset topped the table as the most mentioned brand and headset...

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Why marketers need to up their investment in YouTube for better ROI


Marketers need to make more use of online video resources such as YouTube, whose ROI is rising compared to TV, according to new research.

In a meta analysis of 56 case studies across eight countries it was found that YouTube delivered a higher return on investment than TV in more than three-quarters (77%) of cases. The research was carried out with a range of partners that included BrandScience, Data2Decisions, GfK, Kantar Worldpanel, MarketingScan and MarketShare.

Lucien van der...

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Online ad viewability at highest level for 18 months

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Online ad viewability may have hit its highest level in 18 months but the UK is still significantly lagging on its European counterparts, according to figures from ad verification company Meetrics.

They show that for the first quarter of 2016 online ad viewability increased to 54%, 1% behind its previous peak in the third quarter of 2014 and up 4% on the previous quarter.

However in France online ad viewability stands at 66%, in Austria it’s 65% and in Germany...

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Why airlines need to better align their social and word of mouth marketing


KLM and Ryanair come out top on social media when it comes to engagement rankings for airlines serving the UK, according to a new report. Meanwhile Emirates is one of the most powerful for offline word of mouth conversations.

The rankings, by technology and data company Engagement Labs, showed that KLM topped on both Facebook and Instagram, followed by Ryanair in second place. Meanwhile on Twitter Ryaniar topped, followed by British Airways in second place.

The rankings were...

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Latest martech launches focus on personalisation and beacons


Marketing automation specialist Force24 has released two new features to its platform that it claims will allow even more personalised communication with clients’ customers.

The company releases four major updates a year with the two latest features in the first update of 2016 comprising an SMS decision engine and a programmatic integration feature.

The first addition claims to mimic the responses of a human being, managing thousands of concurrent conversations whilst maintaining real life...

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Why service-based messaging is more important than you may think


Whilst consumers can often feel overwhelmed by marketing messages service-based messaging can be a deciding factor in choosing a business to deal with according to a new report. 84% of consumers said that service-based messaging had an impact on their decision to choose one company over another.

The study showed that two thirds of consumers said that shipping alerts for online orders, delivery alerts and payment confirmations would increase their likelihood of making a purchase. It also...

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State of digital readiness in Germany and the UK is revealed

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It’s no longer enough today to simply just “do business”. Instead we live in an era where all businesses are being urged to embrace “digital transformation”, refocussing business models on to a new digital way of doing trade.

But it’s no easy task. A report from Cisco has revealed how IT leaders feel about their status in terms of digital readiness across the UK and Germany, showing that of the two the UK is slightly ahead.

The study showed that...

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Lithium partners with Zuora for new online customer community


Following three months in soft launch Lithium Technologies has announced that it has created an online community for Zuora, a provider of subscription billing, commerce and finance solutions.

The online community, which launched in January, allows more than 700 subscription businesses that use Zuora peer-to-peer support as well as access to Zuora employees and partners in order to receive answers to questions. They are also able to provide direct feedback to the business, helping...

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Data management platforms are becoming the norm - but challenges remain


As marketers fight to keep on top of their data a new survey shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of European brands, agencies and publishers now use a data management platform to look after their data  - a number that’s set to increase to 92% by 2018.

The study, by ExchangeWire and Weborama, showed that five years after their introduction they have become a digital marketing staple. More than three quarters (76%) of publishers and 75% of trading desks already use DMPs to...

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Zizzi embraces gamification for latest branding initiative


Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has embraced the concept of gamification for the second year running to deliver a new loyalty and promotional campaign that allowed customers to compete for food and holiday prizes and the chain to radically increase its marketing database. The campaign attracted 22,000 new customer names to the brand.

Zizzi ran an eight-week online board game promotion in association with 3radical Voco, which users could access through a mobile optimised website and on...

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What B2B marketers need to do to be more customer-centric


Customer-centricity is a key aim for many marketers but in the B2B sector in particular many brands still have work to do, according to a new report. Despite the majority (83%) of those surveyed rating customer centricity as very important nearly half (41%) said that more work is required to make their organisations more customer focused.

The study, commissioned by digital transformation business Squiz, found that the problem is largely a failure of C-level buy-in for many. Nearly...

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Can Bitcoin infiltrate the brand space? Employees think so


It may have had somewhat of a slow start, but a fifth of UK employees believe that their organisations will be accepting Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies as payment by 2020.

Meanwhile a third of employees believe that their companies should be equipped with a 3D printer by 2020 and improving customer experiences by providing 3D printed product downloads instore.

14% say that they should see drone delivery services introduced and 15% expect try before you buy augmented reality...

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Why the marketing and CMO role is getting increasingly tougher


A marketer’s job has never been ‘easy’ as such but the life of a marketer is now getting more complicated than ever according to a new report. Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) the report says that marketing complexity is growing sharply with the adoption of new technology and general technology change to blame for the huge pace of change.

More than half of 499 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives surveyed for the report said that the pace of...

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The video marketing explosion is coming – but businesses are struggling to cope


Marketers are already well aware of the power of video, with 80% of businesses believing that video content provides an edge over their competitors and 79% planning to invest in video content in the next 12 months in a range of functions from marketing to training. However, despite its potential many businesses simply don’t have the infrastructure and knowledge to enable them to cope with such an explosion in usage, according to The Future of Video, a report from Cass Business...

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Meet Usermind – the startup which offers ‘BizOps’ for customer journey automation

Usermind co-founders Przemek Pardyak, CTO, (left) and Michel Feaster, CEO, (right). Picture credit: Usermind

The ‘customer journey’ is a phrase pretty much every marketer has adopted as they try to integrate all touch points with customers throughout their business. But trying to automate the customer journey is a tough job – especially for businesses that may lack the technical skills required for mass integration.

The recent launch by Usermind of what it claims is the first martech solution for...

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