Slow delivery leads to online basket abandonment in 60% of cases

For retailers desperate to control their whole online customer journey, the issue of delivery has always been a stumbling block where retailers face basket abandonment and potential damage to their brand.  

But a new survey shows that 60% of consumers in the US said they had abandoned their shopping cart because the retailer offered slow delivery options.

The study, of 650 respondents in the US and carried out by same-day delivery firm Dropoff, showed that 97% of customers said speed is at least...

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Brands need to improve mobile communication or face losing out

Brands are failing to communicate with their customers effectively enough via mobile, according to a new report.

In a survey of 1,000 consumers in the US and Germany by Ovum, sponsored by tnytec, the results found that customers want to interact with customer service agent using different communication channels depending upon where they are within the transaction process. This means a general expectation that the service providers they are communicating with are competent in mobile communications.

eCommerce service...

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Poor digital experiences lead to lost customers, research suggests

A poor digital experience is losing customers for businesses that fail to invest, according to research from Actual Experience.

With digital content now key in terms of digital marketing strategies a failure to deliver such content in a quality manner will lose customers. Actual Experience’s report shows that nearly 80% of business leaders have admitted switching to a competitor and aborting shopping online because of a poor digital experience.

Customer churn is seen as the number one fallout for more...

Millennials most valuable audience for relevant, authentic video ads

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They are already known as one of the most fickle generations when it comes to online content but get video ad content right and millennials are 112% more likely to share it than any other demographic.

The conclusion comes from Unruly’s Future Video Survey, which canvassed the views of 3,200 people worldwide and showed that millennials are also 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

43.1% said that they were creeped out by ads following them around the web

But get...

Nearly quarter of customer queries on Twitter are ignored


After more than a decade of Twitter it would be assumed that brands have realised the importance of rapid, accurate responses to customer queries. Yet a new report suggests that nearly a quarter (23%) of customer queries are ignored and only 1 in 10 brands respond to all queries.

The results come from the findings of a Twitter mystery shopping report by BDRC Continental that measures how well nearly 400 brands dealt with nearly 10,000 tweeted customer queries in terms of response rate, speed and...

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Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, report finds

Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, says a new report from Rapt Media. It says that consumers want to discover content on their own rather than have it forced upon them and can even resent brands that do.

In a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in the US, the analyis showed that 95% of consumers take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads and two-thirds do so regularly.

57% of millennials blocked ad content because it was too pushy

More than half (55%) of consumers say such content is not...

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Digital ad trends largely similar to Q4 2015

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Digital advertising budgets continued to grow at a steady pace, up by 17% last year, and are predicted to rise around 16% this year, but digital advertising trends remain largely similar to the previous quarter, according to analysis by Marin Software.

By sampling the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, which looks at more than $7.8bn (£5.4bn) of spend on the Marin platform, the company says that Q1 was a return to normality for marketers after the Q4 2015 shopping...

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Cart abandonment rates fall as remarketing efforts strengthen


Cart abandonment rates are on the decline across the world, according to a new report from Salescycle.

Although abandonment rates are 74.32% across all regions for the first quarter of 2016 the figure has fallen across every region as less people leave a site without actually going through to convert. Abandonment rates were 76.6% in Q3 last year and 75.45% in Q4.

When it came to email, onsite and SMS remarketing efforts, conversion rates ranged from just over a quarter to nearly a...

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Quality of digital advertising is on the increase


Digital advertising quality has seen significant improvements compared to last year, with more online ads in-view, fraud rates down and risk to brand safety also both at their lowest level in Q1 2016 than in the previous four quarters of 2015.

The results of the Q1 2016 Media Quality Report from Integral Ad Science showed that 57% of ads were deemed to be in view whilst 5% of ads were fraudulent. Brand risk – the percentage of impressions found next to content that poses a significant brand...

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Marketers should adopt blended attribution model


Marketers should look to a blended attribution model that combines both ad views and clicks for the greatest success, according to AdRoll’s whitepaper The Blended Attribution Playbook.

In AdRoll’s 2016 State of the Industry Report, published earlier this year, it found that 84% of marketers said that attribution was critical or very important to marketing success, up from 35% last year.

AdRoll claims that last click measurement only measures a portion of an audience, as...

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Salesforce launches Marketing Cloud Lightning


Salesforce has announced the launch of Marketing Cloud Lightning this week – a new user experience, platform and ecosystem that it claims will give marketers the power to run one to one customer journeys across sales, service and marketing.

The new announcement follows the launch earlier this year of Salesforce’s sales and services offerings built on the Lightning platform – Sales Cloud Lightning and Service Cloud Lightning. The Lightning platform is based on the...

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Adblocking to cost £27 billion - 10% of advertising revenues - by 2020


Adblocking remains a persistent thorn in the side of the digital advertising industry and is estimated to be set to cost publishers $27bn in lost revenues by 2020, according to a new study from Juniper Research released today.

The company’s Worldwide Digital Advertising: 2016-2020 report estimates that the losses will account for nearly 10% of the total digital advertising market.

And it’s a problem that will only increase for marketers since users are increasingly...

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Mobile top for grabbing branded content attention


There’s no denying the increasing adoption of branded content in today’s marketing environment but understanding its real power is in mobile, according to a new report from content technology platform provider Polar.

Its recent report, The State of Branded Content Benchmarks and Insights, shows that engagement with branded content on smartphones is significantly higher than on desktop and tablet with a 127% higher CTR on...

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SEO comes second to email marketing for ROI


Email marketing continues to top the charts for return on investment (ROI) – ahead of SEO – according to a new report that examines how email marketing has changed over the last 10 years.

The tenth Email Marketing Industry Census report, produced in association with Adestra, surveyed more than 1,100 marketers in February and March of this year and showed that almost three-quarters (73%) of those surveyed said that email marketing offered excellent to good ROI. This is up from...

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People-based marketing is the strategy of the future, new report claims


People-based marketing – or addressable media – is the marketing strategy of the future, according to a new report on its use which suggests that it drives strong click through, conversions and ROI.

It also suggests that the strategy is perfect for the challenges of a cross-device world.

The report – People-Based Advertising: Evaluating the impact and future of addressable media - was carried out by Signal and Econsultancy, who surveyed 358 brand marketers and...

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New Ofcom report reveals internet usage habits for the UK


Mobile devices continue to dominate in terms of media devices used by the public according to a new report from Ofcom, which means that marketers will have to increasingly ensure that their marketing is device optimised.

The study, Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report, shows that the number of adults who only use a smartphone or tablet device to go online – rather than a PC or laptop – has grown significantly, up from 6% in 2014 to 16% in 2015. It suggests that...

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Mobile-only native advertising spend triples in size


The number of native advertising campaigns based on mobile devices has tripled in size, according to a new study by native advertising platform Adyoulike.

It showed that in 2014 mobile-only spend accounted for 10% of spend but the share tripled to 30% in 2015. Mobile-only has stolen share from desktop-only which fell from 40% in 2014 to 15% in 2015. Half of the spend in both 2014 and 2015 covered all devices.

The conclusions come from the analysis of 1.3 billion in-feed native ads...

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Mobile programmatic video platform provider raises $4.5m for European expansion


Mobile programmatic video platform provider TabMo has announced that it has raised $4.5 million in investment from investment specialists Ardian and Generis Capital. The investment will be used to drive growth and expand throughout Europe.

TabMo was founded in France in 2013, opened a UK office last year and a German division this year.

The company offers a propriety technology that includes a demand side platform (DSP) named Hawk, which automates the buying process and provides...

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Why B2B companies need to do more to reap digital rewards


B2B businesses need to do more to drive up their revenue share from digital, according to a new report from Accenture Interactive. 

The report, which surveyed organisations of more than 1,000 full-time employees to analyse their digital efforts and effectiveness, showed that 40% of B2B businesses earn less than 10% of their sales from digital, a number which is much lower for businesses serving the B2C market. Yet for the same amount more than half of revenue flows through digital...

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eBay Enterprise and Innotrac rebrand as omnichannel platform provider Radial


eBay Enterprise and Innotrac have rebranded as Radial, a new omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider. The move comes after private equity firm Sterling Partners bought Innotrac Corporation in 2014 and led a consortium of buyers to acquire eBay Enterprise, in November 2015.

Using the Radial global commerce platform as a service retailers are able to manage cost and improve profitability for the entire order lifecycle, claims the company. The technology and operations...

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