Acquia expands digital experience platform with launch of digital experience optimisation solution

A Space X rocket launching.

Acquia, a specialist in open digital experience software, has expanded its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, with the launch of Acquia Digital Experience Optimization (DXO).

The new solution makes Acquia the first of any DXP vendor to offer a complete offering to maximise content relevance, search performance, and conversions. In addition to the previously announced Monsido acquisition offering site governance and accessibility, Acquia’s new DXO solution will include two...

43% of Gen Z think ads in games ruin the experience

The ZBD Gen Z Gamer Study has shed light on the central role that video gaming plays in how 18-25 year olds play, socialise, express themselves and engage with brands and influencers.

Based on a survey of more than 2,000 Gen Z gamers in the US, the study is a deep dive exploration of what shapes Gen Z behavior, with invaluable insights for brands, advertisers, game developers and publishers. 

It is estimated Gen Z’s spending power is upwards of $360bn in the US...

76% of airline websites are ‘not accessible enough for disabled users’

76% of UK, European and American airlines fall short of website accessibility requirements, according to research from digital marketing agency Impression.

With 6,000 Google searches for the term "flight booking" in the past month alone, the summer holiday season is well and truly upon us.

As May’s multiple bank holidays give holidaymakers that festive feeling, many will head online to book their annual getaway.

However, some might fall into difficulties...

How bad bots are dominating Internet traffic in 2024

How bad bots are dominating Internet traffic in 2024

Almost half (49.6%) of all internet traffic in 2023 was driven by bots - a 2% increase from the previous year, marking the highest level since cybersecurity firm Imperva began monitoring in 2013.

This is according to a study titled 2024 Imperva Bad Bot Report from Thales, a cybersecurity specialist that protects critical applications, APIs and data globally.

Bad bots are sophisticated enough to mimic human interactions, making them notoriously difficult to detect and...

Marketers race to upskill as AI, analytics and automation reshape the industry

There is an urgent need for marketers to upskill in AI, data analytics and automation to keep pace with the rapid implementation of new technologies.  

This is according to research from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), a digital marketing certification specialist.

Its recent study found that more than half (58%) of marketers say their roles are changing due to AI, with 44% already using advanced AI tools such as ChatGPT, Canva, Jasper and...

Driving Connected Human-centric Digital Experiences in an Era of AI with Sitefinity

Humans and technology have a love story old as time. Maybe it stems from a spirit of exploration and discovery or perhaps just out of the desire to be more efficient and productive. Whatever the reason, as a human race, the desire to be creative – to invent and innovate – is part of our DNA. And for marketers, the modern-day explorers who are driving creativity, the connection to the creation of engaging digital experiences is undeniable.

In this decade alone, we have had two...

Elevating Digital Marketing Innovation with Cape at DMWF London 2024

Today’s fast-paced market asks for an insane amount of content with dozens of local interpretations, like market specific offers, deals, translations, and city- or even street names. Manually creating that content, while staying on-brand, can feel like an impossible job.Get ready to automate your digital marketing campaigns at superhero speed with Cape! Create assets, scale creative versioning, and publish truly audience-centric campaigns to your desired channels in no time. Our platform...

Oracle introduces AI capabilities to help companies boost sales

Oracle has unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) to help marketers, sellers, and service agents accelerate deal cycles.

The new AI capabilities will help organisations generate more sales faster by automating time-consuming tasks and enabling front office professionals to more precisely target, engage, and serve buyers.

Katrina Gosek, VP of product strategy, Oracle Cloud CX, said: “AI is...

71% plan to tighten budgets and be selective on purchases

SheerID, a specialist in identity verification for commerce, has unveiled the findings of its survey of Gen Z consumers.

Fielded by Centiment on behalf of SheerID, the survey sought to gauge Gen Z’s feelings on the economy, better understand their purchasing preferences and how brands can meet the current needs of this influential cohort. The survey also explored the role that exclusive offers and rewards play in driving shopping behaviour. Respondents included a total of 1,761...

How Naked Wines achieved positive audience insights within 36 hours

Founded in 2008, Naked Wines is where crowdfunding meets winemaking. A growing army of 330,000 subscribers, called Naked Angels, contribute £25 a month into personalised wine-piggy banks. The money back hundreds of talented winemakers in 65 places around the world, to the tune of £4 million every month. These are then sold to the Angels at insider prices.

The problem:

When Naked Wines sought to place inserts in a national brand’s e-commerce packages, they ran into...