Better creative remains key to combating the rise of adblocking

Adblocking remains a persistent challenge for the digital advertising industry, despite estimates this week that suggest that digital advertising revenues will almost double to $285bn by 2020. 

A new Digital News report from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism says that one in five (21%) of the UK population are now using ad blockers – a figure that rises to nearly a third (32%) for those under 35 years of age. 

Elsewhere internationally the figures range from one in ten (10%) for Japan and...

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Global digital ad spend to hit $285bn by 2020

Global digital advertising spend continues to soar, with the latest predictions from Juniper Research estimating a $285bn spend by 2020. 

The figure is a near doubling of the $160bn estimated spend for this year.

Whilst ad blocking adoption may be affecting the market on one hand on the other the report, Worldwide Digital Advertising 2016-2020, found that better audience targeting will still help to drive higher click through rates and increase publisher revenues. 

“Publishers, such as Facebook, are...

Luxury brands should embrace eCommerce to engage customers, report says


eCommerce is an opportunity many luxury retailers have been hesitant to embrace. But with the market set to explode, new research shows that thanks to information about their customers’ online activity luxury retailers have the opportunity to know 80% of their in-store customers by name.

The research, Digital Frontier 2016: Digital luxury is turning mainstream, by Contactlab in conjunction with Exane BNP Paribas, showed that brands must work harder to embrace the opportunities of connecting eCommerce...

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Facebook launches new mobile advertising products for bricks-and-mortar retail brands


Facebook is launching new mobile advertising solutions aimed at helping to get customers into stores when they're out and about.

The new solutions will also be able to assess the impact of business' Facebook mobile advertising campaigns through the measurement of shop visits and instore sales.

The company has launched a native shop locator within its Local Awareness adverts which show people the shops nearest to them and offer relevant calls to action such as ‘get...

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Only a third of retailers have tried beacon marketing tech, report says


Retail  brands must focus on four key areas in 2016 that include continued integration of instore and online customer experiences, according to the latest Future of Retail study from Walker Sands.

The study, which showed a general plateauing of retail activity this year, surveyed 1,400 consumers in the US and found that seven in ten of them were willing to opt into instore tracking and mobile push notifications if retailers properly incentivised them to do so. Only 6% of consumers had...

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Spending on online fraud prevention to soar by 30% by 2020

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eCommerce merchants and financial institutions are set to spend $9.2bn on preventing fraud by 2020 – a 30% rise on current levels.

The figures, from new report Online Payment Fraud: Key Vertical Strategies and Management 2015-16 by Juniper Research, suggest such companies will be working particularly hard to prevent fraudsters targeting mobile transactions.

This is because many companies have yet to apply the same levels of protection to mobile as they have to desktop, it...

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US internet advertising spend reaches 'record high', says IAB

Internet advertising revenues hit a new high in the US last quarter reaching almost $16bn, according to latest figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

After the market hit $50bn in 2015, the new figures suggest 2016 could also be a record year for digital ad revenue as the market continues to rise.

The IAB said that US internet ad revenues hit $15.9bn in the first quarter of 2016, up from a previously record-high of $13.2bn in Q1 in 2015.

The 21% year on year rise marks the sharpest spike in four...

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Ad growth means UK set to boast largest media sector in Europe

The UK is to overtake Germany to boast the largest entertainment and media sector in EMEA within two years, according to new research from PwC.

The company’s latest entertainment and media outlook suggests the UK sector will outgrow Germany’s in 2017 and will be worth £62.8bn compared to Germany’s worth of £58.6bn.

By 2020 the UK entertainment and media sector gap is expected to grow further with the UK worth £68.2bn, compared to £61.3bn for Germany.


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Marketers more demanding but less loyal to agencies, research says

Marketers are being more demanding and less loyal to agencies than ever according to new research from presentation platform provider Prezi.

In a study of 143 in-house marketers in the UK the results showed that marketers expect big things from their agencies with more than three-quarters (78%) saying that they expected more from their agencies than ever despite having lower budgets to spend.

The research also showed that despite the demand for more marketers were promising less with more than...

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That person sneezing in the office is most likely to be a marketer


Have you ever gone into work whilst ill? New research suggests that the majority of marketers have, with 86% of marketing workers having gone into work with an infectious illness. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said that they would go into the office with a flu or throat infection even though the two conditions are some of the most easily spread.

The study showed that 86% also don’t feel comfortable taking time off work when ill, no matter how unwell they feel, according to the Digital Healthcare...

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Google tops BrandZ list with record brand value

(c) Prescott

Google has once again stolen a lead as the top brand in the 2016 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, pushing Apple back into second place.

The analysis, by WPP and Millward Brown, shows that Google has achieved a brand value of $229.2bn – up by nearly a third (32%) on last year. Apple meanwhile fell 8% from its 2015 brand value to $228.2bn.

Google’s success is said to be largely thanks to a focus on continual innovation, increased advertising sales and the...

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Signal raises $30m to fuel people-based marketing growth


People based marketing – where advertisers work to more accurately reach consumers whatever their audience or device - is big news at the moment. 

In May the technology was called “the marketing strategy of the future” in a report from Signal and Econsultancy which said the technique was being more adopted more strongly than ever thanks to high conversion and click through...

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Brexit could see loss of £70m in UK adspend a year

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As the Brexit debate rumbles on, one media agency has warned that leaving the EU could cost the UK £70m in adspend growth each year – a figure that would equate to £1bn by 2030.

The figures have been put together by media agency Zenith, which has used the Treasury’s conclusion that UK GDP would drop by 6.2% if the UK left the EU to judge the impact on adspend.

Zenith said in its report that it had tracked a clear relationship between economic growth and the...

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IBM launches AI online advertising offering with Watson Ads

Marketers will be able to rethink their strategies and use the power of cognition and machine learning to improve their advertising with the announcement of Watson Ads, it’s claimed.

Launched in conjunction with IBM business The Weather Company, Watson Ads is claimed to be an industry first capability in which consumers will be able to use the power of IBM’s Watson cognitive technology through advertising.

The move also marks the first consumer use of IBM Watson technology in the sector.

In its...

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Snapchat introduces 3V advertising measurement

Snapchat has for the first time partnered with an independent provider to help measure its campaigns ratings in the UK. The company is working with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure the audiences of its 3V advertising on mobile devices.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is the industry standard for measuring digital advertising – reporting a campaign’s total digital audience across devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones using metrics similar to TV.

The 3V ads offered by Snapchat are fullscreen,...

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CRM market continues to flourish but Salesforce still leads


The use of customer relationship management (CRM) software continued to grow in 2015, with spend worldwide up by 12.3% to $26.3 billion, according to the latest figures from Gartner released this week.

The top five software vendors accounted for nearly half (45%) of the market, with little change on their 2014 rankings apart from Adobe taking IBM’s fifth place ranking. Salesforce dominated with a near one-fifth market share (19.7%).

SAP came in second place with 10.2%, followed...

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ABC launches report examining content verification tools for online ads

ABC has launched the latest edition of its Content Verification (CV) Certification report, designed to provide unbiased results on the ability of tools to block or report online ads "defined as inappropriate to a campaign".

This is especially important given the increased risks for brands advertising online thanks to the growth of programmatic advertising.

Content verification remains a key focus for buyers and sellers in today's quickly evolving digital ecosystem

The report uses controlled tests by ABC to...

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Businesses need to look again at online video platforms, Forrester says

Businesses need to be doing much more to embrace the opportunities offered by video, according to a new report from Forrester.

It suggests that businesses who think that having a YouTube channel is enough for a brand are wrong and that companies must adopt online video platforms (OVPs) to help deliver engaging, interactive and personalised experiences to their customers.

In the report, Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing, the company explains that whilst the roots of...

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Adobe launches new visual story tool for small businesses

Adobe has launched a new free service, Adobe Spark, which it claims is the only integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing visual stories. It has been aimed to appeal to anyone from small businesses to social marketers and students.

The new service is part of Creative Cloud and includes a number of rebranded associated apps from Adobe that allow users to create, edit and share their story from wherever they are.

They include the Adobe Spark web app, a browser-based...

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Mobile’s always present consumer role illustrated by new survey

The integral role of the mobile phone in everyday life has been highlighted by a new survey that says that 99% of Brits would return home if they had forgotten their mobile to pick it up. It also showed that more than half (52%) of consumers regularly walked around with their mobile phone in their hand – illustrating its power as an easily accessible direct channel to consumers for marketers.

In a poll by Nationwide Building Society 2,000 consumers were surveyed to find out what they used their mobile for and...

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