Ecommerce teams need to stop wasting time and start leveraging AI

Was 2017 the year Artificial Intelligence (AI) came of age – or simply reached its hype peak?

While the future looks exciting, is AI really making a difference to the retail experience, for customers or eCommerce teams? Most UX teams remain massively frustrated. Yes, eCommerce generates loads of data – but still very little useful insight. What is the priority? Where is the actionable insight that can be used to inform the PPC strategy or maximise the experience of mobile customers?


By Duncan Keene, 10 January 2018, 0 comments. Categories: E-Commerce.

How can digital marketers prove their worth?

Marketers are increasingly demanding more budget for digital channels, but what have they got to show for it? This is the question today’s marketers are facing, and they’re often woefully incapable of answering it effectively. 

While marketers have made strides in measuring the ROI from channels directing traffic to the website, they’re far less savvy in measuring the success of their own website, and often have no real visibility of how their site is performing and how that performance...

By Duncan Keene, 24 November 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Data Science.