Achieving success at any level of customer experience maturity

Despite the ever-increasing amount of attention being paid to customer experience, particularly in industries like retail, improving customer experience remains a massive untapped opportunity.


Because there’s a major gap between the customer experience consumers expect, and the experience that most brands are capable of delivering. While research tells us that companies are making customer experience a top...

By Mark Smith, 30 January 2018, 0 comments. Categories: Customer Experience.

Can data help the adtech industry survive?

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Five years ago, the adtech industry managed to raise a total of $2.7bn in venture capital investments. In 2016, the same industry is barely breaking the $500m investment barrier. You can only wonder, why are VCs jumping ship?

According to The Wall Street Journal, venture capitalists have switched their focus and are now favoring martech over adtech vendors. There is more long-term value in the recurring revenue models promised by SaaS-based martech solutions than the media...

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