Adblocking: Is it controversial to say it's legal?


“Extortionists, internet killers, an unethical, immoral, mendacious coven of techie wannabes,” – ad blocking (and those within it) have been described using a whole host of imaginative words over the years.

But, as 2016 draws to a close probably the most controversial one yet is being whispered throughout the corridors of advertisers and publishers across the land – ad blocking is now ‘legal’.

In late November Adblock Plus fended off yet another legal challenge....

By Ben Williams, 20 December 2016, 2 comments. Categories: Advertising, Advertising Technology.

Adblock Plus: Why users, not ads, are at the heart of Facebook's experience

(c) Cipriani

I’m sure you’ve seen it already – the news that Facebook has decided to circumvent ads on its desktop site for users with adblockers installed.

However, this didn’t sit too well with the open source community who instantly hit back by creating a code to re-block ads. But this wasn’t the end of it.

Facebook changed its code once again, and then without hesitancy the open source community struck back with a new update.

What has then followed is a...

By Ben Williams, 30 August 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Advertising, Advertising Technology.